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Badminton provided the cinema room and one of the dining rooms at the grand house of the Radletts’ neighbour Lord Merlin, as well as Uncle Matthew’s study and Fanny’s bedroom at Alconleigh. The production team used other stately homes too, but for scenes that couldn’t be re-created in these grand piles the Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol were used. Run everywhere and behave like an animal – those instructions were buzzing around Lily James’s head as she filmed Linda’s teenage scenes. Lily James said she and Emily had to harness the young Radletts’ animal quality. ‘Fanny wouldn’t be half the person she is without Linda,’ says Emily. Emily, 36, says she simply cast her mind back to her own teenage years in order to play the young Fanny Logan. Yet the friendship between Linda Radlett (Lily James) and her cousin Fanny Logan (Emily Beecham) is the beating heart of The Pursuit Of Love. Emily Dickinson, the prolific American poet, is played by Hailee Steinfeld, the pop star whose breakout vocal performance in Pitch Perfect 2 and debut single “Love Myself” made her a teen idol – a casting decision that Apple is likely betting on to draw young, loyal fans to the streaming service.

Aurora Prestige Adult Costume - If you want your Halloween to be a Jolly Holiday, grab a friend and get ready to make your trick or treating practically perfect! ‘You don’t get opportunities very often to speak great dialogue like my dad wrote, so when you do it feels like an amazing opportunity. As often happens with desired objects hitting high prices, the supply pipeline opened up, and soon other studios like Paramount Pictures started selling their props and costumes. Costume designer Sinead Kidao and her team supplied 1,200 costumes for the series. This hilarious polyester jumpsuit bedazzled in jewels is peak costume designer Bill Belew who fashioned the famous look. Emily Mortimer who wrote and directed the adaptation, said she loved the book as a teenager. Emily Mortimer not only wrote and directed the adaptation, but appears in it as Fanny’s fickle mother The Bolter. On the surface Fanny appears to be the poor relation, abandoned as a child by her parents and firmly in the shadow of her more outgoing cousin. We go on an adventure with these girls and ask ourselves if we’re a Linda or a Fanny.

Lily said Linda and Fanny complement each other, despite being polar opposites. ‘Fanny is constantly being abandoned by Linda but still loves her dearly. Despite the changes being worked on, that didn’t stop the initial design from being immortalized as a Halloween costume this year. But good cartoons to go with Halloween aren’t just to be found in classic cinema, or in America. Our family is absolutely obsessed with all things Halloween, and so each year I freehand crochet full-body Halloween costumes, with no actual crochet patterns, for my children,’ she explained in a piece for BoredPanda last year. They came up with the Zoom call idea as he said this year, his children have become ‘Zoom experts’ due to online schooling and keeping in touch with family and friends. The sister of Irish writer and actress Aisling Bea, Sinead and her team supplied 1,200 costumes, while Linda’s sparklers came from jewellers Bulgari. Oscar for actress Kim Basinger and was nominated for its cinematography, art direction, sound, editing and score. Hanson, along with Brian Helgeland, won an Oscar in 1997 for best writing for their adapted screenplay of the novel of the same name by James Ellroy.

Abigail Brand and Ichabod Crane - Probably one of the oddest… - Flickr As a producer of the stylish 1997 period film, Hanson also shared the nomination for best picture and was nominated for best director. Apple seemed to spare no expense on period costumes and sets. Of course, should you find other uses for it throughout the year, then it gets easier to reconcile the expense. If you aren’t feeling crazy enough to walk around dressed as a giant frying pan then feel free to throw an outfit together that’s fitting of the PUBG universe and just carry a frying pan around with you. The sea is calling, the treasure is buried, and adventure awaits those who are brave enough to board ship. Many of the clothes are bespoke, with designs inspired by detailed descriptions in Nancy Mitford’s novel, particularly Linda’s outfits when she’s living in Paris in episode three. ‘All the clothes in the drama are incredible,’ says Andrew, whose bohemian aristocrat, a neighbour to the Radletts, becomes a mentor to Linda. ‘They’re polar opposites,’ says Lily. ‘She becomes an early disciple of French style, going on trips to the Galeries Lafayette department store and the big fashion houses of the time,’ explains Lily James.