10 Subtle Signs Movie Characters Weren’t Telling The Truth

John Hammond spared plenty of expense, actually.

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45 Responses to 10 Subtle Signs Movie Characters Weren’t Telling The Truth

  1. gbonkers666 says:

    And, I'm going to say no to Jurrasic Park one…a tell has to be an obvious one…like Casino Royale.

  2. gbonkers666 says:

    Yeah…I'm going to say no about that Captain America one…or it could be a reference to Redford's Bob Woodward.

  3. kev3d says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Hammond's amber cane topper is being used as such because, as a non-blood sucking mosquito is trapped inside, it's not useful to the operation and is therefore only valuable as a decoration. There is a lot to nitpick with the movie, but the cane is not a "tell" that Hammond is being dishonest. Furthermore, Elsa in Indiana Jones BLATANTLY SAYS to Indiana that she "believes in the Grail, not the Swastika". It's about as subtle as a bolt of lightning that she, and for that matter Donovan, are merely using the Nazis to further their own ends.

  4. I'm a BIG Pokemon fan (if my username and icon weren't obvious enough), but I've NEVER heard of "Flareon being a false prophet." All its Pokedex entries just state how its internal body temperature can rage from 1650 to 3000 degrees. There's also the story from Johto about a Flareon, a Jolteon and a Vaporien dying in the fire that destroyed what is now Burnt Tower (which is a bit odd in Flarein's case being its ability is Flash Fire, which makes it immune to ALL forms of fire and heat, including molten lava. But maybe it got crushed be debris, who knows.) and Ho-Oh granted them new life as the legendary dogs Entei, Raiku and Suicune respectively…but nothing about false-godhood.

    No, what caught MY eye in that room were the three giant statues of the Creation Trio; Dialga, Palkia ad Arceus. Being they are the literal gods of the Pokemon universe that other evil-doers (Cyrus from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and Volo from Legends: Arceus for example) tried to capture in order to restart the universe Thanos-style, it was basically a biiiig flashing red flag that said "THIS GUY IS AN EGOMANIAC WHO BELIEVES HE IS A GOD." A VERY common trope for Pokemon villains.

  5. Wrong about Hammond. He did not spare expense, his failing was trying to push the timeframe to a dangerous pace. (And I'm guessing no raise for Nedry because he's a jerk). And of course he wouldn't use dino DNA mosquito for his cane. And waste any precious drop of dinosaur DNA? Cuz those are priceless and he is well aware.

  6. Anim8td says:

    I would think that the Watergate hotel being shown is to have a famous landmark in the background in proximity to the Triskelion for the shot. But, a deeper meaning to it would be to have the hotel in the shot as a nod to Robert Redford's movie about the Watergate.

  7. Ceilinh says:

    Obviously, the amber on Hammond's walking stick is decorative. He wouldn't want a drilled out piece of amber for aesthetic reasons, if nothing else.

  8. DJ Wolf says:

    Also Bill Nightly usually gets typecast as the villain

  9. bazzer124 says:

    Ian Fleming's ending in Casino Royale has one of the best closing lines in literature: "The bitch is dead now." It's so good I wish they had used it in the movie, if only as a nod to Fleming. Cheers….

  10. A lot of these are a pretty big stretch; the Toy Story one in particular.

  11. solid video but john hammond one was a reach

  12. The biggest expense John Hammond spared with Jurassic Park was building only 12 feet of fences either side of the front gate.

  13. Idk the Hammond one seems like a stretch. I feel like there’s another like throw away dialogue that shows his carelessness that would support that theory but I feel the walking stick is a huge stretch

  14. HybridWolfox says:

    You're clearly color blind that is definitely blue feather not purple

  15. This mf really said "Pokemon Lore" when pertaining to fucking TWITCH PLAYS POKEMON

  16. gamerk316 says:

    In regards to Hammond, the book made it "quite" explicit he was grifter who know how to get investors money, and planned to make that money back to pay them off by making operating expenses of the park as cheap as possible. Hence all the automation, limited staff, and underpaying Nedry.

    Heck, in the books Hammond basically doubled the work Nedry had to do, then threatened to ruin his reputation if he didn't do the work for the original pay. Put that way, is it any shock he leapt at the chance to screw Hammond over?

  17. "You can hear the final episode of Woody's roundup in the background." welp, that's blown my mind. I have genuinely never noticed that, and it kind of makes me wonder if Woody himself ever found out.

  18. Mart Ford says:

    I always imagined the mosquito was more of a sentimental piece… like the first one mined, or the one he saw long ago that gave him the idea for the process or something. I think the theory it's a tell of him lying is a stretch.

  19. maloc1824 says:

    Sorry, but the Jurassic Park one is just dumb.

  20. Aaron Brazee says:

    Respectfully, a lot of these are a stretch. Thanks for the fun!

  21. Fred L. says:

    In the Jurassic Park novel Hammond had another biological hoax to his credit. Back in the day he first gained investors by presenting them a living miniature elephant in order to show the technological possibilities. However it came up that in reality this was not a gene-modified clone like the dinosaurs but, if I remember correctly, simply a real elephant suffering from insular dwarfism.

  22. YubbNubber says:

    For me with Hammond, even though it's an unproven theory, it's all about the flea circus speech. They never brought back dinosaurs from extinction. They simply engineered monsters and told people that they're dinosaurs. JP is one giant con, just like his fleas.

  23. also, in toy story 2, when woody is introduced to the round-up gang, they show a small collection of magazine covers with woody on the fronts. one of the magazines has a teaser for an article on Spudnik. So it was clearly still on the air after its launch

  24. J. P. says:

    #2. Wouldn’t it be more likely Hammond doesn’t want something so essential to his process out in the open and not secured (or harvested) in the lab?
    It’s not about basic financial worth, it’s about IP.

  25. YeeSoest says:

    As someone who's in a bit of a pickle right now…or let's call it a personal crisis…I really come to appreciate your finishing with a good pep talk. Yes, I do deserve the good things in life and yes, I am a massive legend! Last week 15 people commented I made their day. ! Thanks bud!!

  26. 9:53 Despite the underplayed admission the other DNA was used to "fill in gaps," one may (in 20/20 hindsight) speculate that the gaps in "dino DNA" were greater than John let, the amber-bound mosquitoes only provided enough to engineer the assumed shapes/sizes. This would also explain the lack of colors and other nifty colorations we're now told many of the species had: THAT was part of the missing bits!

  27. Except Aladdin IS a prince! That was the wish!

  28. The shame about " To kill Mockingbird" is the that this actually still happens. So much pain and sorrow, that people like Desantis want to sweep under the rug. People died in innocence for our freedom, we should never forget

  29. Nathan Cook says:

    I don't really like the indiana Jones one. Elsa is seen throught the movie saying that she would do anything to get her hands on the grail. It never even crossed my mind that she might be a real Nazi because it was obvious even to the Nazis that she wasn't.

  30. In the Movie Doubt, every time the Priest assures his innocence, the room is dark (lightbulb blows out, lights are off, shutters are closed), and every time the nun who believes he is guilty enters a room – she bring light – fixes the light bulb, turns on the lights, opens the shutters.

  31. One of my personal favorites is from Frozen, during the song Love is an Open Door Hans is subtly out of sync with Anna for the whole song indicating that his intentions aren't real. It's easily chalked up to Anna just bring quirky and energetic so it's not something people noticed at first

  32. bub777 says:

    The Elsa one is shocking on its own. All this time I thought her choosing was an accident or mistake. It was on purpose!

  33. Limpy Dan says:

    That feather is blue

  34. Fran Welsh says:

    The feather shouldn't flop when Aladdin says he's a prince though since he is a prince because of his wish

  35. Can You Do Top 10 Teen Drama Moments That Piss People Off Please?

  36. Did you just reference "Twitch Plays Pokemon" as official Pokemon Lore?! False Prophet hahahahahahahahaha

  37. Joe Kappes says:

    Robert Redford played the reporter whose investigation of the Watergate break in brought down Nixon in the movie “All The Presidents Men.”

  38. Zach Tell says:

    Part 2 please 😊

  39. Andrew Reed says:

    hammond didn't want to waste a valuable mosquito on a walking stick. he just liked the aesthetic, so he used one that was of little value to him. that's not "sparing an expense"

  40. Sum1 says:

    Almost everything in Washington DC is near Watergate

  41. The fact that Elsa claims to have heard no sounds of violence while in the bathroom during the supposed invasion and ransacking of their rooms should've tipped Indie off that she was not who she said she was or with…

  42. Noah Dean says:

    I feel like Stinky Pete should have had a sad backstory too here's what I think he's always wanted to be played by a child but due to how popular Woody Jessie and bullseye were no child bothered to play with Stinky Pete so many years trapped inside a box made him realize that if he can't be played by a child then no toy will ever be played by a child so he rather be locked up in a museum then be played with a child.

  43. rnehrenz says:

    I always love your “sign off” mate.

  44. Jules, you sound a bit off today. You are always telling us to take care of ourselves and just wanted to make sure you're doing the same for yourself because you are a "massive leg(? Spelling), and you deserve it."

  45. Rachel says:

    Wow, I didn't see it as a way to showcase that he was lying about the "spare no expense". To be honest, as a kid, all the the flaws of the design and the refusal of the raise, I thought was meant to showcase that just because you "spare no expense" doesn't necessarily everything will be perfect and working order. I thought it was meant to be "funny" that he "spare no expense" and yet everything didn't work properly. However, it makes more sense now that it was a sign of cutting corners to save money. While the Amber was probably done from a filmmaker standpoint (wanting the bug to look bigger or more impressive on film), at the same time I can see John doing it for the same reasons in order to show it off to guests who visit the park. I don't see that as a lie due to cost, but rather to make things appear bigger and more impressive. Which Jurassic Park has become obsessed with, every time a film has came out, especially the new trilogy.