15 of the best orange dresses in cinematic history

in today’s video we decided to take a look at our favorite orange dresses in film, examining their symbolism, historical references, and creation. what’s your favorite orange dress in a movie?

intro 0:00
gate of hell 1:14
mahogany 3:55
the hunger games catching fire 5:36
emma 7:08
onegin 11:31
the pink panther 12:27
brahmachari 15:12
aladdin 16:43
darling lili 20:31
robin hood prince of thieves 21:27
the court jester 24:37
kingdom of heaven 26:43
bram stoker’s dracula 30:10
under the tuscan sun 32:25
gentlemen prefer blondes 33:15

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48 Responses to 15 of the best orange dresses in cinematic history

  1. Orange is my favorite color. It’s such an underrated, underutilized, and under appreciated color.

  2. bisma says:

    i can't blame abby lincoln for doing that. Because even now we are more upset about the lost dress than the damage to the human who wore it

  3. Indigo Sage says:

    Can’t wait for the yellow video!

  4. the marilyn dress looked nothing like the pink one

  5. Hvnterly says:

    (Yellow dress) Idk what your opinion of the movie is, but good god, the gold dress Barbara Streisand wears from Hello Dolly. It’s haunted me, it’s so gorgeous. Her purple and red looks too. I love watching that movie 🤩

  6. 💛 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    💛 Beauty and the Beast
    💛 La La Land
    💛 Hold Up (Beyonce)

    And if we’re doing sets:
    💛 Clueless
    💛 Kill Bill

  7. Noelle Meier says:

    A bit late I know but my favorite orange dress of all time (in Cinema) is the dress Aishwarya Rai wears in Jeans(1999) when she's dancing at the Red Rocks for the song "Ennake Enakkaa" 1:502:37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbssrIapnuQ

  8. Mysticgem99 says:

    Marilyn's orange dress is not the same dress as the pink one. It definitely took inspiration, but it's not the same dress.

  9. One of my favorite yellow dresses ever is the goldish yellow dress in Hello, Dolly (1969) during the dinner party

  10. I feel like there is an orange dress somewhere in the Streisand Hello Dolly that is amazing. Orange is my favorite color so I LOVED this.

  11. Annika says:

    At least Kim Kardashian won't ruin that Marilyn Monroe dress….

  12. Ugh my love for orange 🍊

  13. Reviewer says:

    I too thought many of Jasmine's outfits was a bit tacky (beautiful colors), especially the jewelry; it looked very fake.

  14. urfav_raee says:

    for yellow, i think that ariana debose's dress in wss was such a perfect standout for the character and contrasted her later outfit after bernardo dies really well!

  15. I could tell this was going to be a good list from the beginning with Gate of Hell. This leaves me looking forward to any future gown lists. I'm hoping you might one day cover gold or blue dresses so that Donkey Skin can have a moment to shine.

  16. LavenderChai says:

    I was here for Mumtaz. She killed it in that saree!!

  17. E. O. S. says:

    Down voted this because there were too many ads

  18. Aarya S says:

    I wore orange first time and lost him
    And never have not worn after that
    It's been a decade like so

  19. Quinn Hen says:

    Orange sequin dress Doris Day wore in Do Not Disturb. Gorgeous dress!!

  20. Daphne_488 says:

    If you plan to do the whole rainbow colours, I wouldnt be adverse to it!

  21. K Stee says:

    Girl with the dogs?

  22. Raavya K says:

    I thought only I noticed Mumtaz wearing 🍊 orange and yellow. And all those songs were hits of her time.

  23. gay roach says:

    I think its so funny how modern shows and film will make medieval wardrobes more muted and drab to be more “historically accurate” when that couldnt be farther from accuracy

  24. JustAPrayer says:

    This list was really great. I love that you pick films from other countries and not just american ones. As for yellow dresses, I recommend Hello Dolly, Til The Clouds Roll By, Forever Amber, Mirror Mirror, and Young Girls From Rochefort (an underrated movie not enough Cary Grant fans have seen because it’s not an american movie).

  25. Kristi Rose says:

    The burnt orange dress Caroline Bingley wears through out the 1995 series. I love it.

  26. only here for the bollywood one

  27. There's a reason orange dresses are much less common in hollywood. Orange often looks stunning on PoC, but rarely looks good on white people. PoC tend to be much less successful in Hollywood due to systemic racism.

  28. candoromen says:

    The orange dress that Scarlet wore with a purple sash at the first of the weddings in Four Weddings and a Funeral instantly came to mind.

    Gareth: Scarlotta! Fabulous dress. The ecclesiastical purple and the pagan orange symbolizing the mystical symbiosis in marriage between the heathen and Christian traditions?

    Scarlett: That's right

  29. Marsu Karhu says:

    Oh, I want to see that Diana Ross movie!!

  30. Zany says:

    Just wanted to add Bipasha Basu's orange dress in the song "Don't Touch Me" 🧡

  31. Wait what about army of darkness Sheila’s orange dress?!

  32. Not to rush just wondering, when will we get yellow dresses?

  33. ML Turner says:

    Doris Day’s orange gown in Do Not Disturb, designed by Ray Aghayan.

  34. Sahel Sabet says:

    How selfish do you have to be to destroy a piece of art just because you get compared to the legendary woman who originally wore it?

  35. Teju G says:

    That saree is awesome

  36. So you'd wear a historical iconic dress, this dress was already famous, that dress already had an image to it, so of course you'd have backlash if you wear that iconic piece, why would you wear it in the 1st place, dude this might sound wrong but tgey probably wanted the drama and attention for it, and BURN IT?!?!? Excuse me?!?!? Why would you do that to the dress?!?!?! It's you and your stylists fault that everything went south hill, it's not the freakin dresses fault!!!! Oh come on, it's like I burnt my books cuz I failed my exam kinda logic bruh 😒😒😒 it really pains me when people destroy historical pieces like those peps who destroyed paintings and art pieces to grab the attention, it hurt me so much…..how can you show your anger over a historical piece bro it's too cruel

  37. Any time Kate Sharma wears orange in Bridgerton 😍🍊🧡

  38. Andolique says:

    For me, Beyonce's orange two-piece from Austin Powers immediately comes to mind, but I guess it doesn't technically qualify since it's not a dress

  39. fav yellow dresses: emma. 2020, crimson peak, pirates of the caribbean, star wars ep 2, and mirror mirror.

  40. Mel Mel says:

    In the next video can you talk about hello dolly dress please?? It's my personal favorite and it's so eye-catching when you first see it, I lo ve it
    (I know it's actually gold but maybe you can do an exception 🙏🏼)
    Luv ur videos, watching from Argentina 💕

  41. Maytal Acedo says:

    That sucks for the last one because it looks so nice and elegant.

  42. Eva Green was unforgettable there

  43. I commented this last time but it deserves to be said again. Orange is such an underrated colour, and it's my favourite one by far!

  44. batty boo says:

    Can’t wait for green! It’s my favorite color. My top picks for it would be Aronement and Portrait of a Lady on Fire

  45. ani dhiman says:

    when you do yellow/gold – please please please look at Bajirao Mastani (2015). It's an Indian film, by one of our most respected filmmaker. Deewani Mastani (the music video is online to view) is the particular song and scene I am talking about. There's something ethereal about that outfit apart from it being a big turning point in the whole storyline. It is one of the most beautiful historical drama films from our country, and I think you would enjoy watching it while conducting your research.

  46. E Powers says:

    Iconic yellow dresses:
    American in Paris
    Elizabeth: the golden age
    Mirror mirror

    I know which dresses someone’s talking about, even from the movies I haven’t watched (I know 🙈, they’re on my list).