15 of the best red dresses in cinematic history

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in today’s video we decided to take a look at our favorite red dresses in film, examining their symbolism, historical references, and creation. what’s your favorite red dress in a movie?

intro 0:00
romeo and juliet 2:59
titanic 6:06
beetlejuice 9:24
last holiday 11:20
the princess bride 13:55
clueless 15:42
bram stoker’s dracula 17:38
anna karenina 20:40
gone with the wind 24:33
inglourious basterds 27:53
confessions of a teenage drama queen 30:00
tale of tales 32:38
the dressmaker 34:02
102 dalmatians 36:12
star wars: volume 1 – the phantom menace 38:50

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28 Responses to 15 of the best red dresses in cinematic history

  1. ModernGurlz says:

    february isn't over yet, so show yourself some love with Care/of! ❤

  2. aaaaaaajer says:

    You missed Vanessa Redgrave's red dress in the final scene in Mary Queen of Scott’s ( 1971).
    Exquisite wardrobe in that film!

  3. What happened to Pretty Woman … Julia Robert’s red dress when she goes to the opera 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. J Sam says:

    Google search Mongolian queen for the inspiration to Padme’s red dress

  5. Wanderlost says:

    Can't have a list like this without a Chinese dress. I'd recommend the red dress from Red Cheongsam – I mean, it's a whole movie about a red dress. It doesn't get more iconic than that. Plus. the dress is gorgeous.

  6. I mostly liked Plunkett’s designs in GWTW, but I think the hairstyling, makeup, etc. were too anachronistic. The overall looks were very much 1930s. “Respectable” women didn’t wear any makeup, ever, for one thing.

  7. I thought Romeo and Juliet was a beautiful film, I loved everything from the young actors to the costumes to the sets to the music. It did Shakespeare proud and it’s hardly dated a bit because of its historicity. I’m with you on the comments thing, I just don’t get why people get so emotional about things like fashion videos, they are for fun, not life and death serious. I suppose those without self-esteem feel better about themselves by making cutting criticisms and passionate arguments about such things, it’s weird. They need to get out more, maybe take up running.

  8. Morvelaira says:

    I know a foundational / core memory red dress for me was the opera sequence dress from 1990's "Pretty Woman". I was 6 at the time, and I do believe that's been a major part of my subconcious' ideal of feminine beauty ever since.

  9. Winona Ryder – Dracula definitely deserves a spot up here. Some of the others ehhhh… not so much (cough-cough Lindsey Lohan’s)

    Some very good ones left out:
    Cate Blanchett – Elizabeth: The Golden Age
    Samantha Morton – Elizabeth: The Golden Age
    Nicole Kidman – Moulin Rouge
    Audrey Hepburn – Funny Face
    Rita Moreno – West Side Story
    Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman (iconic!)
    Julianne Moore – Far From Heaven

  10. Smiled ear to ear when I saw Padme. <3

  11. TradMom says:

    Nothing outdoes Vivienne Leigh’s red dress as Scarlett O’Hara-Hamilton-Kennedy-Butler:)

  12. Jade Lee says:

    No red dress from The Age of Innocence?

  13. Goldie says:

    Honorable mention to Mercedes Mondego in 2002’s The Count of Monte Cristo.
    She actually wears a number of red dresses, and even if I don’t know if they’re rlly appropriate, they’re very beautiful on her

  14. When it comes to red dresses, I have a soft spot for one that you couldn't even see properly, as it's from a black and white film. In 1938's Jezebel, Bette Davis wears a scandalous red dress as the titular character, knowing she looks scandalous and loving it.

  15. Claire’s red dress in season 2 of Outlander is also worth mentioning!

  16. AZ123V5 says:

    The red dress in Outlander, season 2 episode 2, is pretty memorable

  17. Kathy Thomas says:

    Though you had to address the HATERS up front, I found your video thoroughly mesmerizing and educational. Thank You for it. WELL DONE.

  18. Laura B says:

    Great video! Thanks! 😍

  19. Mai2727 says:

    Only on this channel you can find Gone with the Wind and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen in the same video

  20. The red dress Judy Garland’s character wears in the Christmas dance scene in Meet Me In St. Louis! It’s a favourite of mine ❤

  21. Last Holiday’s red dress is beautiful

  22. It’s me says:

    I love the costumes in R&J especially the men’s

  23. I'm so glad that Inglourious Basterds was included. Her red revenge dress is so iconic, and her story is so interesting to watch

  24. Milo Ventimiglia believe myself true dress red date milo Ventimiglia do my story?

  25. a says:

    audrey hepburn's red dress on the stairs scene from funny face would be my pick!

  26. I loved Cher's red dress in "Moonstruck."

  27. Satines red dress in moulin rouge is GORGEOUS I wish it had more screen time

  28. 29:11 I can hear the smile in your voice here and I love it!