20 Costumes That Take Cosplay to the Next Level

Cosplay costumes are some of the most colorful and creative outfits you’ll ever see out there. These days, cosplay is considered an art form and a way to add excitement to your regular wardrobe. The hard work and love that these cosplayers put into their outfits sometimes beat the original pieces from the movies. Maybe your eyes are already demanding some detail. Here are the costumes that take cosplay to the next level.
1. Dan Cattell Nintendo power
Cosplayers are sort of… wizards. Who else would dress up like Gandalf the White or Dumbledore? And look! The creative skills that produce the detailed, life-sized cosplay, can only come from a wizard. I mean sewing, sculpting, sometimes even electronics wizz.
Here at Nintendo Life, they are lucky if they can put together an outfit in the morning to cosplay the role of a “functioning human”. But that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate the artistry of others.
He first got into 2D amazing cosplay when he was in college, coz he didn’t have much money to invest in 3Ds. It’s a pretty pricey hobby to have. But who’s counting?
2. Carl Leck and Demogorgon
One man decided to show his gross love for the film in a nice way. By creating a replica costume of Demogorgon’s character. Carl Leck’s bucket of creativity is clearly overflowing. The face is like a ‘flower’ full of teeth.
It took him 35 hours to come up with the monstrous piece, using cardboard, Gorilla tape, bike cables, and rubber bands. The violet cosplay is one mind blowing design which made it one of the best costumes at an exhibition.
But you don’t want to meet this guy in the dark; you’d probably wake him screaming or swallow your tongue and drop end yourself. The creepy costume designer is also a scary actor of sorts.
3. Resident evil
No one would blame you if you felt frightened and/or fled from this eyesore. That’s the whole idea anyways. The suit, created by a Japanese guy, really did justice to the famous monster William Birkin from Resident Evil 2. The incredible costume even has the dreadful head sticking out next to his shoulder. How bizarre! Huh? The costume’s appearance and its effect are hideous. If you look carefully, the giant eye seems to be watching you.
Resident Evil fans who want to get a similar outfit will need to be just as creative as this artist. Undoubtedly, the cosplay is at a cinematic level. Dr. Birkin’s initial mutation kept much of the body unchanged, with the mutations only visible on the right side. The right arm, torso and face mutated as a result of a shooting incident.
4. Transformer for Halloween
The story started when Mark went to Walmart for a last-minute Halloween costume shopping. The costume department was torn apart. There was nothing there and he ended up with Thomas the Tank Engine which consisted of a hat an apron. He felt so guilty that he promised himself to make it up to the kid.
This kids costume is one of the best Halloween costumes. With immense love and a lot of dedication, the kid’s team made it to this extraordinary level of enjoyment. This seems worthwhile to make. Isn’t it? It is also wonderful to see these kids living like their favorite Transformers characters. Esther Lipofago, a cosplayer has more kids costume ideas. You can follow her on instagram @estherlipofago.
5. Melissa Irwin’s costume
If you’re a fan of scary costumes, you might opt for this Halloween costume – a terrifying four-legged “Stilt Spirit.”
Irwin, who later shared this DIY Halloween costume on YouTube, also has an Etsy page. There, you can download a tutorial on how to make the “Stilt Spirit.”
While the tutorial will only set you back 10 dollars, the materials are anything but cheap. For starters, you’ll need drywall stilts, medical crutches, and peg stilts. That alone will cost you upwards of $200.
6. Thanos Lee Groot suits
Marvel has been teasing us with the ultimate big bad in the last few years. When Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters, Thanos surely became the name on every movie-goer’s lips. Or tongue.
As we get closer to the next Thanos’ arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe there is sure to be many a cosplay dedicated to the Mad Titan. And there’s one Thanos cosplay out there that has already lived up to the name.
You can almost feel the power radiating from Thanos as he walks the halls, looking at the rabble down below. If the MCU’s Thanos is half as impressive, then those tiny Avengers have their work cut out for them.
Talking of cut.
Which of these costumes was your favorite? Have you seen something like this in real life? Let us know in the comments below.
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  1. Kendal says:

    The talent out there is amazing.

  2. That first suit is derived from a Muppet actually. They designed a suit like that for the landstriders in The Dark Crystal.

  3. MboShu says:

    6:33 Bro just roasted this man lol

  4. Amazing work. But anyone else bothered by "part cyborg"

  5. Man Lil says:

    Cosplay is driven by passion and love of the craft and I respect that.

  6. Jop says:

    The Japanese Guy in Resident Evil cosplay

  7. It's only good on the video some people want to be furry so see it with your eyes(good video)

  8. Wow..that's what i called amazing cosplay.. love it ❤❤❤

    And that resident evil costume..damn.. that's really awesome.. i watch it several times and never get bored.amazing 😍😍😍😍

  9. Lemmy says:

    nah that aint a william berkin cosplay bro injected himself with the real virus

  10. Bee ESS says:

    The all time best is the cardboard Gundam

  11. bro spawn venom in whole nother level💪🗿

  12. Sandman says:

    Someone made Garrus from mass effect yrs ago. It looked like Garrus walked straight off the game into reality.

  13. I have not played Res Evil but that William Birkin cosplay made me fall in love with Resident Evil bro💀

  14. Bro in the thumbnail really said “who needs eye sockets?”

  15. the kids look goffy but it was great still made me laugh the dc kids 🤣🤣

  16. Rtg_Gaming says:

    We will live in the future

  17. Supergirl… been cosplaying her for years along with Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

  18. Utareangara says:

    How do you buy that Spiderman suit?

  19. SillyBilly says:

    4:57 it's Hulker buster not "iron man"

  20. WRONGTIMING says:

    1:51 I thought that was only edit vid but I realized it's real. Wow

  21. Plai says:

    Everybody gangsta till the cosplay isn’t a cosplay

  22. 1:30 I just found I can do this

  23. "so much love for such a creepy guy"

    wtf? where did that come from? that was rude for no reason… 😐

  24. Episode VIII? That's a shame. A damn shame.

  25. Amm I’m tired of this

  26. Chrome says:

    The Birkin was amazing.

  27. Foxxo says:

    What if I just bring a chainsaw t kill the demogorgan

  28. dk kanofkash says:

    0:08 Ok, that's just awesome.

  29. Half Way says:

    The kid with transformer costume its just pure creativity

  30. dermendy says:

    My Favorite is Dr. William or course but rest of the costumes are Amazing Too!!

  31. TayTay Gooch says:

    There was 192 teeth on the demogorgan

  32. Awesome costumes 👏 they are best

  33. I used to have a transformer cosplay

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