A.I. Turns Movie Characters Into GTA Loading Screens

Midjourney AI turns famous movie characters into GTA loading screen animations

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up movie costume Quality and attention to detail are key when it comes to cosplay. That’s why our team of experienced designers and craftsmen put their heart and soul into every move cosplay costume we produce. From the fabric to the accessories, every detail is carefully planned and executed to ensure our customers receive only the best.

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25 Responses to A.I. Turns Movie Characters Into GTA Loading Screens

  1. Willy Wonka ain't selling chocolate no more

  2. These don't match at all lol. Willy Wonka looks more like he should be in Arkham Asylum.

  3. Willy winks goes hard af he looks like a legit villian

  4. Now I want a back to the future Gta cross over XD.

  5. Once Harry's hairline fully recedes back and he goes bald… The resurrection of Voldemort is complete.

  6. Fun fact AI always gets confused when it comes to draw human hands watch closely πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ™

  7. bob says:

    the modded gta san in the game shop:

  8. Danny Kay says:

    Bales one was pretty epic

  9. Supertony Jr says:

    Why is the willy wonka one so hard???

  10. I like the Willy wonka one the best

  11. Wren Shields says:

    The longer you stare the WORSE the hands get.

  12. AI seems to really dislike Harry James Potter

  13. Genes2022 says:

    Marty looks like a main character in Vice City

  14. Nettie says:

    That minion got attitude

  15. ElwoodBRICKS says:

    I’m sorry but a pg-13 thriller Willy Wonka film with this loading screen as a base would be SO MUCH FUN

  16. Duck_334 says:

    The minions😭

  17. Harry Potter’s hairstyle looks like Jerry Only’s, lmao!

  18. wow, so good πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

  19. Gabherelol says:

    Harry Potter turned middle aged-

  20. Overalonyx says:

    Your a meth cooker Harry

  21. Saul Goodman says:

    Instead of candy Willy Wonka make edibles