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Where exactly the robot Avenger could appear next is incredibly unclear as the packed Marvel line-up offers no obvious place for him to resurface. Hosted by Mark Hamill, this revealing documentary offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into the amazing special effects that transformed George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back into reality! After the effects of the Snap were undone in 2023, she was enlisted by Doctor Strange to aid her teammates, the Avengers, during the Battle of Earth, where she played an instrumental role in the Mad Titan’s defeat. As Viper’s costume changes track the film’s shift to an increasingly nutty tone, her evolution from “sexy doctor” to “WTF?” still plays silly and out of place.

Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man: Step Up 2 Da Streets costume from the mid-’90s has become so iconic, it’s been replicated all around the Marvel Universe by everyone from Spider-Ham to Flash Thompson to Felicity Hardy — daughter of Black Cat. May “Mayday” Parker is the first daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker in Earth-982. Hailing from Earth-1610, a world where Peter Parker prematurely passed away, Miles got his powers from the traditional spider bite — a genetic experiment of Norman Osborn’s making. Being the technophile that he is, it didn’t take long for Otto Octavius to make some changes to the Spider-Man costume once he got into Peter Parker’s body. Rogers gave up as Captain America, as the Serum was not in his body anymore, he gave his legacy to Sam Wilson, wonder woman costume becoming the “All-New Captain America”. 3 gave us the Spider Armor — an Iron Man style exoskeleton worn by Earth-31411’s Aaron Aikman. 1 and he awoke to become a fusion of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider: Ghost Spider. Pavitr is the Spider-Man of India from Earth-50101. The main difference is that instead of a spider, Pavitr gains his powers from a mystical source.

His spider powers are supernatural in origin, and he went to a much darker place than his Earth-616 variant following the brutal way his uncle’s life ended. But, despite his mind being a little underbaked, he’s one of the most physically formidable in the Spider family, and the most attuned to the animals his powers stem from. Not only was Gwen the one to receive the radioactive spider bite, but Peter wound up becoming doomed villain, the Lizard after trying to emulate Spider-Woman. Variations of it have been worn in different universes by Amadeus Cho, Natasha Romanov, Mary Jane Watson and alternate Peter Parkers.

Spider-UK’s doesn’t have the standard spider sense, but he does have a dimension-jumping talisman. Eventually, Kaine took on Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider moniker and fashioned his own version of his clone brethren’s suit. The Spider-Man of Earth-8351 is “not the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man anymore,” which is just the kind of tough guy talk you’d expect from a version of Peter Parker that has spent too much time hanging around Wolverine. Whether its beefed up into a Hulk Buster exoskeleton or a just a skin-tight suit with mechanical limbs, Peter Parker himself said it best when he claimed, “they haven’t invented a word for how cool this armor is.” Turns out, everything looks better with gold. Being an amalgamation of two Marvel characters, his costume is very similar to the original Spider-Man suit but with the addition of the Union Jack pattern on the torso that Captain Britain sports. What if Captain Britain became Spider-Man?

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