Are X-Men Movie Costumes Really That Bad?

The X-Men costumes have historically had one of the worst reputations in the entire comic book movie canon. But is that really fair?

Sure, there’s been an awful lot of black leather, and black armour, but there’s also been way more creative and comic accurate costumes in the franchise than people give them credit for. There’s also something to be said for comic book accuracy in general. Is a costume bad just because it doesn’t resemble anything that came before? Doesn’t the tone, narrative and context to the moviemaking alter how these costumes should be considered?

And then on top of that there’s the Deadpool outfit. Pure unfiltered perfection.

I’m going to look through all of the assorted looks from both the X-Men and their villains. Where were they treated unfairly? Where were they treated more than fairly? Which costumes came close but missed the mark? Overall, are the X-Men costumes really that bad?

0:00 – Really that bad?
1:09 – The Original X-Men Trilogy
6:01 – X-Men: Origins Wolverine
6:34 – X-Men: First Class
8:55 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
13:02 – X-Men: Apocalypse
17:42 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix
18:37 – The Wolverine / Logan
19:57 – Deadpool I & II

X Men. 2000.
X Men 2. 2003.
X Men: The Last Stand. 2006.
X Men Origins: Wolverine. 2009.
X Men: First Class. 2011.
X Men: Days of Future Past. 2014.
Deadpool. 2016.
X Men: Apocalypse. 2016.
Logan. 2017.
Deadpool 2. 2018.
X Men: Dark Phoenix. 2019.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 2022.
Deadpool & Wolverine (Deadpool 3). 2024.
Avengers: Secret Wars. 2026.

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49 Responses to Are X-Men Movie Costumes Really That Bad?

  1. Brewmaster says:

    I hate the Deadpool suit. The mouth being sewn goes against everything Deadpool is. The body markings are dumb, and all around he looks like Baraka. I hope they never make a Deadpool solo movie because I guarantee he’ll look like shit.

  2. KAO TV says:

    The black suits suck now and they sucked then

  3. LordSeth1000 says:

    man i kinda miss those leather suits

  4. hrz says:

    Would love to see another pitch video for directors you want to see direct comic book movies

  5. You can’t say in my opinion in 23:06 ether it is or isn’t.

  6. Joel Wilcox says:

    'Icemans open tank-top coat' … so his vest?

  7. Jrad says:

    Deadpool's the exception

  8. it seems the point he's making he's making is the suits are ok for the movie's tone. that's not an excuse in my book just make a movie with the proper tone for some proper comic-book accurate freaking suits.

  9. danteelite says:

    X-men apocalypse was ass backwards!
    They should’ve worn the boring black suits for training and worn the “training suits” for the finale.
    Why bother having cool and flashy suits for training? That definitely seems like a producer got cold feet and told them to swap halfway through production…

  10. J Cole says:

    So true about Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse. Looked great… just 2 feet too short.
    Couldn’t they have done some kind of Xerxes in 300 camera affects? Rodrigo Santoro looked huge and was a total bad ass in that movie. Couldn’t they have done that with Isaac?

  11. The reason I always gave the suits some room is because it’s a secret no one really knew of them until the third movie there suppose to be stealthy idk why leather but the black makes sense bright colours would prolly give away then again so would a giant tin man but in his defence he appeared after the team became more famous and were a little less secretive

  12. Love there suits god I remember playing Lego marvel superheroes and making all of there movie suits with the costumizer

  13. I never knew people hated the leather look I like it. It really fit's the story

  14. Huigh jacked-man can't suit up. He's a 6'2 beast of a man. The wolverine outfit works when he's a kevin heart looking mother fucker with a back wide as a kitchen counter and the legs of a toddler

  15. David Lynton says:

    I’ve never heard anything bad about any of the costumes so I assume it’s just a very small group of fanboy/girls

  16. Theri says:

    3 minutes in, and yep, downvote it is. Don't waste your time, he defended the black leather bullshit.

  17. Apocalypse reminds me of Ivan Ooze

  18. Why did you skipped New Mutants

  19. Raymond S says:

    Well now I'm afraid of mcu rebooting the Xmen with their ugly over design they tend to do with the suits.

  20. Arjay Azaula says:

    First Class ending Magneto costume was laughble. It was too loose like he was wearing pajamas.

  21. User4ccounT says:

    The only costume that's close to their comic counterpart is Deadpool's.

  22. This was a sick video! Loved the look back and walk down memory lane. I too wish we’d seen the end credits suits in later instalments. Fingers crossed the MCU designs rock!

  23. I loved the costumes of XMen but the problem is they keep changing.💀

  24. The Last Stand is EXTREMELY underrated

    Despite the director being an absolute douche just like the previous director

  25. Outside material doesn’t matter when making a movie

  26. RedCaio says:

    I'm always confused when people praise First Class. disappointing film and the costumes were nothing special. And Magneto's purple and pink look at the end makes me wanna puke. I remember people giggling in the theater at his ugly costume.

  27. Salam P says:

    11:11 the wolverine suit really is the best suit in superhero movies in days of future past

  28. There were some characters that i feel like fit that black leather costumes from the first 2 X-men movies. I felt like Cyclops for example looked great in it especially with the trench coat. It would make sense for Cyclops since he is such a stern leader it would make sense if he kept the same uniform but with like blue lines all around instead of just pure black. The others really didn’t look good on them. Wolverine although he’s my favorite and the suit grew on me i feel like they shouldn’t have given him that suit and just kept him and jeans and a jacket to keep him as a rebel if they didn’t want to give him the comicbook suit.

  29. TheHmongol says:

    No wonder the costume sucks. They're created from women lol

  30. Didn't mention the Weapon-X outfit. The underwear , the gears and the helmet. can't get more accurate than that.

  31. Danny Benhur says:

    I love the XMen suits in the Bryan Singer verse. They were correct for the time.

  32. Sam Butler says:

    Deadpool isn't an X-Man. He's not even a mutant. It's a perfect costume, but not relevant for this video.

  33. Sam Butler says:

    DoFP is hugely overrated, I just don't get how it's so loved. The costumes are great though.

  34. geine91 says:

    If you think about it with them being the black flight suits remember this is before the first X-Men movie Charles Xavier still younger everybody else is still younger so this is still in the past from that first movie so that's probably transitioning into the black suits that we saw in the very first movie

  35. I’ve always been OBSESSED with Storm’s cape. I’m so glad they were able to at least make it accurate within the limits of the OG trilogy design.

  36. Was not a huge fan of the first trilogy of films uniforms.

    I get why they did it, they didn’t feel the bright and colorful costumes of the comics would work in a movie. It didn’t want to look like Adam West Batman (or the Schumacher Batman films). It wanted to be taken seriously and at that time the genre didn’t have the clout to pull off a serious comic book film with a comic book look.

    Now that comic book genre is established you can have comic book accurate costumes and viewers take it seriously.

  37. Like other fans I do remember feeling sort of disappointed that the original X-Men trilogy opted for everyone wearing black leather as opposed to the much more visually appealing multicolored uniforms the characters were known for in the 90s, which was one reason why I enjoyed Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies better for more faithfully recreating his own iconic costume from the comics.

    Nowadays though it's more easy for me to shrug them off and say "Eh, at least they're still stylish enough for comic book uniforms", and it's really the great casting of Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, etc. that has me keep coming back to 2000's X-Men more than the costumes. Though I'm still hoping we can finally see Hugh don the yellow Wolverine suit and mask when he appears in Deadpool 3.

  38. Argeras says:

    THANK YOU, yes I want wolverine to have yellow etc, but these costumes fucks so much, love those colored lines with specific colors for characters in og movies

  39. Brandon says:

    I would actually prefer for them to keep the black leather when they come back since that's what I think of for these versions of the characters, also I think we should get proper comic accurate suits with the new MCU actors to properly distinguish both universes

  40. Tiro says:

    The first ones make the last ones look terrible

  41. #NickCulton says:

    The reason Deadpool's outfit is best is because it's so freaking comic accurate while still not being cheesy. Movie studios.. come on?! No reason for amazing characters like Storm Cyk and others to have that same costume treatment.

  42. Who? says:

    5:34 that shot is so cool

  43. Who? says:

    Storm looked good in that black leather 👀

  44. They need to give Matthew Vaugn more Superhero work. He did an amazing job woth first class