Character Costumes (Part 11) | 1 Minute Mods (Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Welcome to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 1 Minute Mods! A series where I showcase 4-10 specific character mods for Ultimate with this episode showcasing more character costumes!

All by Hanxulz:

Bowser (Crime City)
Peach (Soulcalibur)
Ganondorf (Debonair)
Zero Suit Samus (Debonair)
Little Mac (Academia)
Byleth (Soulcalibur)

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29 Responses to Character Costumes (Part 11) | 1 Minute Mods (Smash Bros. Ultimate)

  1. 64iOS says:

    All by Hanxulz:

    Bowser (Crime City)

    Peach (Soulcalibur)

    Ganondorf (Debonair)

    Zero Suit Samus (Debonair)

    Little Mac (Academia)

    Byleth (Soulcalibur)

  2. I want to see Wario in a mafia gang

  3. E says:

    I take it Hanxulz has never talked to a woman, has he?

  4. Porter Brown says:

    Ganon turned himself into a Kazuma kiryu, funniest thing I've ever seen.

  5. Jose Rivera says:

    Female Byleth in Ivy's costume is so wrong and yet so right.

  6. Lime Carpet says:

    Ganondorf was the best one there

  7. bowser really said, "you come to me today. on the day i kidnap peach."

  8. Player One says:

    This why I don't like your channel anymore

  9. Waffle says:

    Makes me wish bowser had his white tux as a skin

  10. Do y'all reckon Bowser sometimes asks one of his minions to paint his shell or spikes?

  11. Rose Garden says:

    Coward for not having boy Byleth in that same soulcalibur outfit

  12. These Byleth mods are getting out of hand.😅

  13. Catfish says:

    Bro has the extra physics mod installed

  14. Captan_Bio says:

    "Don't be intimidated Squidward,"

    *Gannondorf shows up
    "OH NO HE'S HOT!!"

  15. Dylan Rose says:

    I would let ganon con me into buying a Lamborghini instead of the ford f150 I was originally going to buy

  16. SiriHakuoh says:

    Byleth as Ivy! 😍😍😍

    That's just perfect!

    The very first time I saw Byleth, I was reminded of Ivy's very unique weapon.

  17. Nathan 🎈 says:

    Do not give Byleth that Ivy throw that I can never do

    You thought the pretzel motions were bad? That one’s so much worse

  18. deadpoolnerd says:

    Lil Mac look like he's the protagonist in an anime "hey that's me lil Mac I'm just your average school punk kid, training to beat King Hippo and become number one boxing champ…. if I could get to school on time" que overly catchy intro sequence

  19. See I think some if not most of these are cool and pretty impressive, but then there's just the random one where they have a half naked woman, it feels kinda weird :/

  20. Pancocke says:

    Bowser got them size 78's 🤯

  21. NOT SCY says:

    You know it’s not too late for me to learn byleth

  22. Terrel Grier says:

    Man, soul calibur has some really odd outfit design choices

  23. Everybody gangsta until Bowser joins the Mafia.

  24. byleth looks like a stripper but good character custom though

  25. Pretty clever to turn Byleth into Ivy. It makes sense