Deku Switches Costumes with Bakugo for Class 1-A’s Disguise Training

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Deku and Bakugo couldn’t be more different sometimes, but during some special training where Class 1-A is being taught how to use disguises, we see Midnight asking the class to pretend to be another one of their classmates, and at this time Deku ends up having to pretend HE’S bakugo, leading to Deku wearing Bakugo’s full Hero Costume as he walks up to the class and they ask him to do an impression, not realizing that behind them stands a bloodlusted Bakugo who gives off an aura that screams BE CAREFUL. Bakugo gets angry at Deku’s impression of him, but when it’s Iida’s turn to choose a person to disguise himself as he chooses Deku, and even though he wears the costume he doesn’t quite fit as a passable Deku, for some reason getting Bakugo really angry as he fixes Iida’s wig and paints on Deku’s trademark freckles, allowing Iida to finally pass the disguise test, but when it comes time for Bakugo to dress up as Iida, he throws a fit and absolutely refuses.

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Video Title: Deku Switches Costumes with Bakugo for Class 1-A’s Disguise Training

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46 Responses to Deku Switches Costumes with Bakugo for Class 1-A’s Disguise Training

  1. Hollie says:

    Is this in the anime too if so what s/ep?

  2. When the fandom starts making theyr own wattpad stories like its reality

  3. Are these official stories or what ifs because the way the guys speaks makes it hard to tell which it is.

  4. Anis Zanfir says:

    Das sus! Bakugo? Doing that?
    Extreme bkdk vibes.

  5. Madison9272 says:

    When was his just wanna know

  6. I wonder how sweaty bakugo suit is?

  7. Scull javi says:

    Bakgodeku shippers are flipping out of their minds now lol

  8. alistar says:

    Ig he won't like cosplayers

  9. IndieaRose says:

    If this is an episode what number and season is it?? And where can I find it

  10. Hannah Evans says:

    Because he what to dress up as Deku


  12. someones got a crush😈😈😈

  13. Rose Angel says:

    He wanted to pretend to be deku

  14. Ivy Haynes says:

    He was just mad that he couldn't dress as deku

  15. I have a question is this actually in the real series I think u haven't seen this seen before or is it in the manga because midnight died, didn't she ?

  16. Flaumjaze says:

    Typical Katsuki 😂

  17. Deku Wolf says:

    Bakugo: I'm not pretending to be Lida! 😡

  18. hiro says:


  19. odωbo Delux says:

    whisch episode is that

  20. What sessions is this in and what episode

  21. Yuki Tameki says:

    Was it made into an epsiode or not yet ?

  22. Little BakuDeku moment 😂😂❤❤❤❤

  23. barbara says:

    Which ep is it?
    Anime: ?
    Mangga: ?

  24. I think they couldnt chose who to disguise it was random

  25. What episode and season is this some tell me😭😭

  26. Bakugo seems to want to be Deku

  27. The writer got this from the personality swap au on ao3 change my mind

  28. Agent_Z3r0 says:

    First , this wasn’t animated ? Right?
    It was only in the Manga ….?
    Or wtf?

  29. nigthmare says:

    Bakdeku right there lol

  30. Hears heavy breathing…….
    “He’s behind me isn’t me?”😅
    “Ummm…… maybe….?””

  31. little anna says:

    Where is this on the manga?

  32. Ok I need this to be a filler episode 🤣

  33. DaichiOkami says:

    Bro literally when did any of this happen, genuine question, I've never seen even half of the events you describe.