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His latest release (posted just three days ago) is “Invincible” (above), a spin on the three-minute piece of the same name released by Blizzard last month. Despite not throwing her party last year, the star still dressed up and spent time with her family. Some SWTOR, some Minecraft, another shot at seeing if Sword of the Stars II works yet, movie character costumes and replaying Mass Effect 2 (for the PC this time) to get ready for ME3 next month. But if your “No, no, NO!” meter isn’t pegging into the red yet, we’ve got another track for you to toy with: the XT-002: U R Bad Toys remix from MrVoletron. It’s a free-for-all. You earn new items to use in Toy Box by completing challenges in the campaign, or simply by owning figures, and you can bring any character into any world you develop. Whereas, those requiring either more simple, or more sophisticated costumes may wish to look towards a costumer to create such items. More from the World of WarCrafts, iron man costume after the break. Essentially, in a creative gangster world of Star Wars and Warcraft, spider man suit a gang war will rage inside a city park.

Speaking of celebrities at high-profile events, why not dress up as this reality tv star at the famed Met Gala. If your child is looking for a Star Wars character that is cool, daring, and a little mischievous, Lando Calrissian is the man. We have all sorts of little goodies to pass along that have been piling up in the submissions box. The World of Warcraft annual pass gets you free Diablo 3 and an in-game mount in patch 4.3! While this night elf’s reflective journey through the World of Warcraft is probably a little too simplistic for the likes of WoW Moviewatch, enough commenters appreciated its scenery that we thought it was worth a WarCrafts thumbs up to creator Cymelion.

The little bow that serves as Savage X Fenty’s logo was visible in the center of the bra. It’s a little like LittleBigPlanet in a way, and much like LBP I am terrible at making things work. You can transform into Power Up Ranger Mode to battle monsters just like your favorite Power Ranger. Here’s a WoW-themed item anyone can create and carry off with aplomb. This item power up with Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Lion Fire DX Battle Morpher is just like the one in the TV series Morpher. Fire breathing requires proper fuel and skill to succeed.

Anne Stickney has five reasons you should love Mists of Pandaria. Peek behind the cut for a gallery of his Mograine project in progress, plus a closer look at a druid-themed hoodie that’s attracted much love from WoW craft fans. Check out our gallery of all the awesome cosplay we saw this weekend. Check out our gallery of the BlizzCon floor. Check out our recap of all the action. Good thing he found the time, because this troll sculpture turned out to be more ambitious than Jason ever dreamed. The best part is that it will only cost you $20, a far cry from the tens of thousands the real thing will take from your wallet. I’m putting together a red armor look rather than wearing tier 6 all the time, so far I’m fairly happy with it. You’re currently wearing the Moto 360. How do you like it? Ready Check doesn’t like legendaries. Check out the official trailer.

Check out our liveblog of the WoW class, items, and professions Q&A. We also have a liveblog of the Open Q&A Panel. The WoW art panel had some cool stuff as well. A longtime fan of Blizzard games, Jason returns to Blizzard art concepts time and time again. The strongest notification it can muster is when it’s been separated from the phone, so every time I head to the bathroom across the factory without my phone, it freaks out. There are so many cosplayers who put time and effort into crafting amazing costumes, and these have been some of the best. Unlike other comic book movies that have steered away from the source material for its costumes, Makovsky referenced the original DC Comics extensively for certain characters per Gunn’s request, like for Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and others. We chatted with Jamie a little to find out what goes into a BlizzCon winning original. And thus Melissa Benoist allowed herself a little yawn as she got to work filming scenes for Supergirl on Tuesday. Filming for season two of The Witcher has reportedly been suspended after Henry Cavill hurt his leg while on an assault course. Henry wore a stoic expression as he got into character as the stony-faced Geralt, and was seen walking around set in costume.

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