Donning the Dark Knight Cosplay Costume: Channeling #Batman

Many people frequently ask me if my Batman Armory suit is truly wearable. Well, for the answer to that burning question, I invite you to check out the full video here! Get a closer look at the incredible details of the suit. Don’t miss out on this exciting Batman adventure! #batman #dccomics #dc #dceu

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27 Responses to Donning the Dark Knight Cosplay Costume: Channeling #Batman

  1. SAITAMA says:

    NO YOURE MISSING HIS flawless delicious scrumptious tasty JAWLINE

  2. Gorgeous!! And I'm a dude saying that to another dude. 😊😊

  3. He will be the next dark knight

  4. If I become a billionaire you know damn well what I would spend my money on:

  5. I would wear that suit in heart somebody tell how do I get that suit!!!!

  6. “Something in the way”

  7. only workout a little bit more and you are done

  8. Kim Trúc says:

    batman with a family

  9. Ilia Elix says:

    Where do you get the materials from?

  10. 8 Bit Music says:

    “I’m not wearing hockey pads”

  11. El Pacino says:

    still cant beat travis scott's batman suit. "batman who murderers"

  12. You look like a Stoller 😂

  13. Forky CODM says:

    Where u get this man

  14. I swear he's gonna jump off a building wondering why the cape wasn't working 😂😂😂

  15. The Batman of Hongkong

  16. kaii says:

    get spandex lined with textures

  17. bro you cansell these items as Biker Motovlogger gears

  18. hazz kh says:

    needs more black.

  19. Galaxy says:

    Bros actually Batman

  20. Choyero says:

    Just walk and youy feel the cape 👍🏽