FAIRYTALE COSTUMES: it’s giving renfaire but why?

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Written by Mina Le and Sophie Carter
Edited by Israh S. and Mina Le

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0:00 – intro
3:40 – what makes a fairytale film?
11:58 – the heroines’ wardrobe
18:16 – the villainess’ wardrobe

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27 Responses to FAIRYTALE COSTUMES: it’s giving renfaire but why?

  1. Mina Le says:

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  2. Nan Baron says:

    Have you read The women Who run with the Wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes? Would love to hear your thoughts on her work! xoxo

  3. J. G. says:

    This genre still your best, fun and you clearly know your stuff. Just in case you haven't seen yet, highly rec Matt Baum's video on queer Disney villains

  4. Laura says:

    Wait, that's just a headpiece and not actual horns?

  5. i love u mina but im gonna be real, im half here for ur cat

  6. uncletomalex says:

    Sorry but the example of Ever After regarding Thomas More's Utopia doesn't work. The movie is set under King Francis I of France, that reigned from 1515 to 1547 and the Prince is his son, Henri II, that was born in 1519. If we consider Henri around 20 years old that would set the story around 1539, giving plenty of time for Danielle to have read Utopia about 10 years before.

  7. AdishaMusic says:

    Love this idea and your take on it, but the cat stole the show 😛

  8. babynoodle says:


  9. Little Fox says:

    6:13 I disagree, I think they are trying to depict female deaths as more tragic, they are “taken” unfairly not judged in a logical sense like men. This would make sense too, for they would have wanted to protect women who were deemed motherly and fulfilling their duty.

  10. This video petty good.

  11. Har Fir says:

    I recommend Askepott for some chaotic fairytale costumes. It's a version of Cinderella filmed in Rumania(?) that airs in Norway every Christmas. Also you need the old version, not the new one.

  12. pippinhart says:

    i love the costumes in the school for good and evil! the story itself is a bit of a mess and i don't know if i'd ever rewatch it, but it's such a visually stunning movie and you can tell the costumers really had fun.

  13. Julio Jones says:

    You are so pretty! I just love you and your channel! I love your sense of style I love your analysis it’s very feminist and cosmopolitan ❤❤❤

  14. Aspen says:

    Why does "the height of your Hennin" sound like some kind of weird innuendo? Like that "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean" saying – 'it's not the size of your head, it's the height of your Hennin 😏'

  15. Lisa Kokx says:

    Alright, from now on I'll be starting my day saying "scandalous, cancelled, whore" to myself in the mirror

  16. Hey Mina, about The middle ages in tv shows, both Game of Thrones and Lord of Rings are based on The medieval period, even the author of Lord of Rings was a specialist in middle ages

  17. JayFolipurba says:

    Can we take a moment to gush over how pretty Anne Hathaway is. Thank you, move along now

  18. JayFolipurba says:

    Snowhite is literally a child though, she's canonically 14. In fact, most other Disney princesses from the golden age are between 16 and 18 tops. Only Meg is older I think, early 20s

  19. 4:37 snow white ain't childlike; she's a child

  20. Yael W says:

    i LOVE your dress!

  21. Anony M says:

    I love how Mina analyzes all these topic that I never looked at so deeply. It's really astounding and she deserves every follower she has

  22. Not to disregard the theory of the violence towards women in these stories but the reality is that aside from sickness, a common way for women to die was through childbirth. Man don’t have to give birth, so their cause of early dead will be by accidents during work or executed. I would see how this would be used to help the plot. I don’t see this as violence towards women I see it as them exaggerating the observed truth, and probably a worry for a lot of women back then. 🤷🏽‍♀️
    Other than that, I love the video.

  23. Marta Joonas says:

    My favourite story/fairytale from when I was little is definetly The Tale of Tsar Saltan, I was obsessed with it. As from Disney movies, I like Tangled the most, not because of the costumes, but because of everything else. I don't have a favourite fairytale movie from costuming though.

  24. I love your content its so soothing while i study

  25. Ashley B says:

    My favorite fairy tale is Princess Mayblossom and would love for Disney or anyone to make a movie of it. It involves the cursed princess who was locked in a tower chasing after a man who doesn’t deserve her. After things go wrong she realizes she needs to put her own needs first and ditches the dude. There’s also a fairy battle with flying chariots pulled by swans and bats. So that’s fun. The princess also wears a spiderweb veil for a while so costume design to make that cute would be interesting haha

  26. A major thing i noticed in Ella Enchanted, was that everything was modern. For example the stairs in the town square scene were an escalator made of wood, so the clothing choices make sense to match the modern-medieval setting.

  27. Indrid Wood says:

    my favorite fairy tale is the lindwyrm, and i really like the movie Enchanted (not Ella Enchanted, the one with the main character Giselle)