Frieza VS Dbs Superhero Movie’s Characters #short #dbs #dragonball #goku #anime

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38 Responses to Frieza VS Dbs Superhero Movie’s Characters #short #dbs #dragonball #goku #anime

  1. Actually beast gohan is far stronger than true ultra instinct so it's a tie between him and black Frieza


  3. Man really said golden frieza can beat orange piccolo

  4. Beast Gohan = Black frieza

  5. a human says:

    Aint no way golden frieza beats orange piccolo

  6. Nah sorry im pretty sure that Gohan beast is stronger

  7. Sarah Selner says:

    Bro what are you on orange piccolo destroys Golden Frieza

  8. Orange Piccolo slams Golden Frieza

  9. yee e says:

    I’ve never seen so much cap in my life

  10. Bro said that golden frieza beats orange piccolo 💀

  11. Beast Gohan says:

    Pan beats frieza no diff

  12. Goku vegeta and beerus and whis

  13. No way he beat pan because pan in dragon ball legends she is like overpowered

  14. Frieza says:

    Fax. Cope gohan fanboys

  15. Peppy Joseph says:

    I know black Freda cannot defeat Gohan in his Beast form

  16. Gohan will dog on Frieza and orange piccolo versus golden Frieza piccolo wins in Goten and Trunks Dragon Ball super superheroes versus Frieza while he’s dead Goten and Trunks will demolish him

  17. Milgo Umal says:

    Bro rlly said that orange piccolo is weaker than gold frieza 💀

  18. rk says:

    orange win golden frieza

  19. Frizza is not that strong

  20. Go and check google
    Power level of orange piccolo is 9.7 septillion and power golden frieza full power is just near about 100 Quintilliion😂😂

  21. DB_Fan says:

    Orange Piccolo <— Golden Frieza

  22. Frieza Is funny Villains 😅

  23. Stephen says:

    Can you do black freezer with black Goku Rose with beerus?

  24. Alex says:

    Imagine a fight between perfect Cell max and black Frieza

  25. FabFest says:

    Frieza can win against that Pokémon headed at the start

  26. Goku instinto superior:?