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Photos: Check out the full gallery of our favorite costumes here. In the four days we spent the convention floor (walking nearly 30 miles, according to our phones), easy movie character costumes here are some of the things we noticed. The range of fabulous Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes is so diverse these days that one could be forgiven for becoming overwhelmed by the choice. Natalie Portman celebrated Flashback Friday with a picture of one of her childhood costumes asking for ‘guesses’ as to her character. Meanwhile Kim Kardashian was feeling nostalgic this Friday as she posted a string of snaps from Halloweens past. Nicole Richie posted her own string of throwback snaps to previous Halloweens including one where she went as Jennifer Lopez. We spotted little references to it in many costumes, including a group of inflatable cleaning products, and parade’s Jawa group embraced it, carrying buckets, rags, and sticking a “Closed for Cleaning” sign on the side of their sandcrawler.

We’re hiding some little pumpkins filled with candy around the apartment. We’re pleased to say extremely well. The costume comes complete with the Cat in the Hat jumpsuit with an attached red bow just like the Cat wears as well as the famous striped hat. I’ve always wanted to have super powers, it’s like stepping into a brand new world. With Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City going strong on YouTube, the cute characters have found new fans among the younger generation, who will appreciate the more modernized animation styles. Lowering the attendance was absolutely the right call for 2021, but it will be fun when we can have larger cons again. On top of that, the video-style appearance of HFR has a long history of being disliked by movie-goers — past attempts since the 1970s have all flamed out. However, Recreation Director Laurie Stasiak says that the clown costumes are considered too scary for children and have been banned in light of creepy clown sightings over the past couple of years. You don’t have to cut holes in your favorite sheet to send your child off trick or treating dressed as a ghost. Trick or treat words are applied simply because it’s a kind of threat given for the house owner that he must give some treat or other wise they will perform mischief over a owners from the house.

While posting Insta Stories Olivia revealed that Whitney herself will also be part of her Halloween celebrations. Halsey fired up her Insta Stories this Friday to reveal that she was all dressed up as a nun in anticipation of the holiday. Explore all of our classic horror fancy dress costumes: Freddy Krueger, Ghostbusters, Jason from Friday the 13th, Addams Family, Chucky, Pennywise from It and many more… The 2016 horror Raw: A vegetarian strays from her principals and eats meat. Be a fancy rich Colonial Settler with this adorable little boys costume. Adorably the reality star once transformed herself into Cruella De Vil from with her two children in little Dalmatian costumes. Among her costumes were Elle Woods, the character that made Reese Witherspoon an international icon in Legally Blonde. Jesse Tyler Ferguson appeared to dress up as Sam Neill’s character Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park while his husband Justin Mikita was a T-Rex and their son Beckett, three months, was a dinosaur baby. After the site was cleaned overnight Friday, two cardboard cutouts appeared in the space, one pulled from a nearby Scofflaw bar in the Marriott, and another featuring a FedEx NASCAR driver. It was a relief to not be jammed in the skybridges, and nicer (and cooler) to be able to walk more freely around the main floors of the Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton at peak hours.

Carey was also spotted filming a classic ‘walk and talk’ scene, a staple of films centered on journalist. Turn into Nightwing in the classic black and blue we have all come to know and love. Celebrities have gotten into the Halloween spirit a day earlier on Instagram. Tori Spelling was the angel on one shoulder for Halloween Eve in preparation to be the ‘Devil Donna’ on her other shoulder for the day itself. One year she also flaunted her globally famous figure in a skimpy Victoria’s Secret Angel outfit complete with a set of floor-length wings. This year she also got her 16-year-old daughter Leni in on the festivities on her Instagram page, showing off her elaborate look. • The smaller crowd-the official attendance number this year was 42,000-did feel surreal. • Ribbons and swag continued to grow in popularity, with some people creating badge ribbon trains that hung several stories tall. Generally people go for a sexy nurse’s outfit and the styles for these do vary. There was also her controversial outfit where she dressed as the late pop singer Selena Quintanilla who was known just by her first name. That particular element is characterised by the focal point of his outfit – the bulging codpiece in his Regency-style tights.

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