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Guitar strap is white felt, ribbon and twine. The guitar was free from craigslist, spray painted and decals cut with a silhouette. We cut each item where it needed to be cut with the help from google images. The little watermelon mascot is one of the most iconic images from the CoComelon universe, and now your kid can wear an entire Halloween costume devoted to this cute character. JJ’s sister YoYo is featured in many of the popular videos, and now your kid can dress just like the famous 3D animated character. If your family is interested in a CoComelon group costume for Halloween, then this YoYo Halloween costume is a great addition. Keep reading for cute, quick and easy Halloween costumes for kids. From costumes of your favorite TV stars to Disney figures, we cover it all for you. Just add in your kid’s favorite shoes and you’re good to go. If you’re handy with sewing, then this DIY CoComelon-inspired outfit from YouTuber zavardy official is well worth a watch. YouTuber Godriven TV shows how a simple outfit with a shirt and overalls can be totally customized with a Cricut EasyPress. With a simple zipper back, it’s a one-and-done outfit.

It’s the perfect fall wardrobe choice for any kid who is all about CoComelon and friends. Baby Yoda (yes, I know his real name is Grogu, but it’s not as cute), stole everyone’s heart when The Mandalorian first aired and it’s a perfect choice for your little one this Halloween. Ha! I know I should have found one but I didn’t want to spend the money so I googled the sections I was unsure about. Jacket, pants, suspenders, hat, wig, boots, leggings and under shirt all found at second hand stores and each piece was $1 – $3. I found the suit, shoes, hat, gloves and black shirt at second hand stores. Dress, sash fabric, shoes, wig, leggings and undershirt all came from second hand stores. Made from Dacron fabric, the one-piece costume features a purple dress with white polka dots, as well as a long-sleeved pink top with a little flower detail. Thanks to the success of “Us” and “Midsommar,” expect to see plenty of red jumpsuits and flower crowns as well. It was Emily’s father Sir John Mortimer, creator of irascible TV barrister Rumpole Of The Bailey, who first introduced her to the writings of Nancy Mitford, and it’s thanks to him that Emily was brought up steeped in the British literary giants.

Haha! I LOVE how it brings the characters to life especially for the younger kids plus we all really love the movie and since this is the first Halloween since it’s release, it seemed the like the perfect choice! One of the most popular YouTube channels right now, CoComelon videos show the adventures of Baby JJ and his friends and family as they sing gentle, catchy nursery rhymes and share life lessons. Not in the modern colloquialism sense, but he is actually flames The design itself is truly brought to life when he is one fire. From his calm and cold demeanor to the way he wears that magnificent coat and bloody hook, there’s only one character it could possibly be. A commenter asked Ms Daniels: “How many dads end up hitting you BECAUSE you’re the character? If however you’re truly trying to find something that’s beautiful and something that actually stands out you could make your job much easier by searching on the web.

If you’re going to do this or any costume that requires painting a pregnant belly, choose a paint set that’s baby safe, non-toxic, water based, and FDA-approved-and that’s easy to apply and remove. The vid shows every step of the creative process, from printouts to the final painting. The vid provides clear and helpful instructions on how to make a similar outfit based on the colors of the adorable watermelon mascot. The dark and light green stripes are clearly watermelon-inspired, and the smiling watermelon character (and ladybug) on the front of the design are made for all the CoComelon fans out there. Superheroes don’t change costumes shortly after their creation due to character recognition. Just don’t be surprised if you happen to sing the “Halloween Pumpkin Patch Song” and the “Halloween At School Song” all month long, because it will put your kid in a CoComelon mood. Your kids will get a kick out of wearing your vintage clothes as a costume to be a Disco Diva, Hippie, Rock Star or anything else they imagine!

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