Grant Gustin shares daughter’s reaction to him in ‘Flash’ costume

Actor Grant Gustin stars as the title character in the CW series “The Flash” and opens up about filming the last episode and his daughter seeing him in the costume.

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26 Responses to Grant Gustin shares daughter’s reaction to him in ‘Flash’ costume

  1. Spidercake54 says:

    Wait so did he get to keep the suit?

  2. Hope we see grant gustin do something else may be crime spy adventure or jungle or even musical

  3. Antt says:

    The little girl will grow up and believe her daddy is the fastest man alive. I’m crying

  4. RedQueen says:

    Love you Grant! Thanks for 9 awesome years!

  5. Mad Vybz says:

    The show went downhill when those new team flash members came on

  6. Bean says:

    Grant made a really good Flash !

  7. "[Superman] doesn't need guns…"
    Me, whispering to my screen: “ Batman doesn't either…"

  8. Wow can’t believe almost a decade went by like that!

  9. I dropped the show after Tom Left. Well not Tom Felton, he was great in season 3. Cavanaugh felt like he was being reduced to a nobody, I agree. Look at the characters he played from season 1 to 4, amazing drama, peak story telling. We all cried after the Sherloque finale. Writers really let down Grant and the rest. Cecile is the worst character in the series next to Iris.

  10. Suman Das says:

    Wow ♥️ awesome ♥️ 👍🏻

  11. Almost a decade later I’m still excited everytime to watch the flash episode. It’s a part of my middle-high school years. Brings back so many memories flash wise and irl around those days

  12. its gonna be hard to let grant go, he will always be my flash <3

  13. Grant has no excuses to be late for anything in his daughter's eyes, to her he is 'The Flash' and no doubt growing up she will be like 'Run Dad Run'

  14. When I say I have loved loved loved grant as the flash… my husband will tell you I’ve watched and re-watched this series soooo many times. The love and dedication he brought to this character… the resilience…. I just loved the whole thing. Next to smallville, this has been one of my favorite super hero shows and I’m so sad to see it ending but grateful for the run.

    The whole cast was amazing and I loved the evolution of the show every step of the way. ❤ wishing you all the best going forward

  15. Boomer says:

    First comment, just seeing how that suit moves is like looking at a neoprene wetsuit and is a sauna. Second comment, why some people are better suited to be movie stars or television stars like grant is that can continually and responsibly show up for a 5am call or for a tv interview,and look good, know their lines,and be ready to perform. Also being a recognizable celebrity and being able to still function in society and greet fans.

  16. ShowHunter says:

    omg barry beta kaisa hai grant yaar whatsup

  17. we gonna miss you Flash.

  18. I love seeing him so happy 😊🙏🏾

  19. 3:13 The way his body moves, like he has no bones in him…

  20. He should've taken the suit, he should've taken all the suits, no one else is gonna wear it, besides what are they gonna do? Fire him? 😅

  21. 1:21 I think I just got "Reverse Flash and Ciscoed" because "my chest feels like that one time I had a cigarette" 😢😅

  22. Liz Jo says:

    He is the only Flash in my mind…would have loved to have seen him on the big screen, he definitely deserves it…

  23. Eleven Plays says:

    He deserves to keep the suit at least one, if not all of them. It's rare for a Superhero TV show to have 9 Seasons and be successful and loved by many many people and fans.

    Edited because I think he also deserves to be in the DCEU now and have his own big movies.

  24. Sanso Humar says:

    Why can’t they just make him the movie flash? He would be awesome.