Hogwarts Legacy – All Costumes / Outfits Showcase (4K 60FPS) 2023

Hogwarts Legacy all suits / costumes / outfits / clothes

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29 Responses to Hogwarts Legacy – All Costumes / Outfits Showcase (4K 60FPS) 2023

  1. Thewebb 12 says:

    You don't have the treasure hunter scarf. It's a custom scarf you get from a quest called Ghost Of Our Love. You are also missing the robe you can get from The Daedallan Keys Quest.

  2. Is it just me that feels wildly uncomfortable walking around Hogwarts in something that's nòt school uniform?

  3. Demon_Ace141 says:

    Imagine posting a video that says all outfit items but dont even have everything 😂 respect for Slytherin Gang tho

  4. TigerDUDE 87 says:

    I know that is not all the costumes and outfits. Tons I have that are straight up missing from this vid…

  5. Kwaighzo says:

    Pretty surprised at how many things are missing. Such an incomplete video.

  6. AHawks3403 says:

    think quidditch would be a dlc they make later on?

  7. Stohb it says:

    U liar you don't have EVERYTHING !! 🤬🤬

  8. Jay says:

    Need more plain black robes, the dark arts animation looks so corny

  9. Ellbent says:

    2:16 Glad that’s only tanned with a pointed hood instead of white—

  10. I just went through the entire game not knowing how to put on outfits. I've grown accustomed to peak performance looks.

  11. Bear Putih says:

    How to get rugged overcoat

  12. You are missing the gold trim house robes

  13. Splee says:

    You missed some

  14. Here's what I'm still trying to figure out:

    You all know how each wearable item you find has its own statistics and all that?

    Well, you know how when you sell an item, its "appearance" stays in your options so you can make whatever you're wearing look like that item you once found and then sold?

    Well, when you make whatever your wearing take the "appearance" of that now-sold item, does it also take on the sold item's statistics/abilities as well as it's appearance?

    Or does it still keep the original statistics of whatever you were originally wearing and only change the appearance?

  15. CB Deathwish says:

    How do you get that skull robe

  16. Floaty says:


  17. agnody1 says:

    This isn’t even close to everything

  18. Amon Marquis says:

    Well I can guarantee you this isn’t all costumes because I have plenty of things you don’t have here

  19. This isn't even close to half the outfits in the game

  20. Purp Merk says:

    Lmfao you're missing so much stuff wtf

  21. KNNTH says:

    I wish they put clothes from fantastic beast movies. Those are slick formal clothes

  22. Random Dude says:

    Good to know that I'm not forced to have my character wear those incredibly hideous pants that end at the knees

  23. That probably is most of the clothing you can find in the game, but I know it isn't all of them. I have some outfits on my character that were not shown here.

  24. Atherus Mora says:

    This isn’t actually ALL. You are missing quite a few pieces from every type.

  25. AlphaHaze says:

    Hogwarts drip 😩👌

  26. Carter Neis says:

    Not all of them lol

  27. Corey Lamont says:

    How you get your cool downs to finish so fast that’s what I wanna know

  28. Krakex says:

    its not even close to all costumes. what a scam video