How ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Cast Created Voices For Mario, Bowser, Toad, Luigi

“I have a hard time NOT sounding like a cartoon!” Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key and Charlie Day share how they tackled adapting the iconic voices of Mario, Bowser, Toad and Luigi for the big screen in “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” including Charlie’s Luigi voice coming naturally to him, and Keegan’s Toad voice being inspired by helium balloons. The cast also teases that Nintendo fans can expect a lot of nostalgia, easter eggs, and laughs during the “high-octane” adventure.

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23 Responses to How ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Cast Created Voices For Mario, Bowser, Toad, Luigi

  1. Jack blak lo máximo, muy buena su actuación

  2. I love how Chris doesn't let us forget Charles Martinet. It's super wholesome how he puts respect on the OG voice of Mario.

  3. Bro I found Easter eggs and I wasn’t even born back when the game first came out

  4. It's the movie version of the game or is it just the game come to life lol definitely not like that other super Mario movie they did lol where that's the movie version but looks so different this looks exactly the same maybe better than the game lol the details lol everyone looks exactly the same as game if not better lol. Loved it when I heard lol finally a movie where Mario looks like the actual Mario lol. Omg and so many other like donkey Kong and lots of characters from lots of other games lol. Tons of Easter eggs lol

  5. Love jacks enthusiasm lol looks great here and at the premier he was kind of dressed like browser too lol

  6. That got that boy D blurred out 😭😭😭

  7. Lucía Gil says:

    Charlie Day 🤣💚 well he IS perfect for Luigi.

  8. Cezguy says:

    4:39 – I lolled. And I can't unhear it. Thank you Charlie Day XD

  9. 😂😂😂 the way, Jack Black did that dance on the stage

  10. Violette Ray says:

    How many times did I hear her say like

  11. Anyone who says theyre a nerd TWICE is NOT a nerd

  12. Gareth Smith says:

    This show annoys me. Kelly never shuts up when they speak. In england, they let the guests speak and they dont interupt. But I suppose america are just like that

  13. K T says:

    Why… is his crotch blurred

  14. I love how goofy and dorky Kelly is, and them she starts singing and it she becomes a powerhouse

  15. Rockets best friend quill played super mario

  16. Lucky Jade says:

    The tail waddle😂 love it so much 🎉❤

  17. Jero Toro says:

    Jan-Sama Mario Suli la mi pilin pona wawa! Taso, mi kin lukin ala e musi lukin… Ken tenpo esun kama la mi ken tawa.

  18. Im sorry but kelly clarkson is way too fake-quirky in this

  19. WastedGTAZ says:

    Charlie Day’s voice itself is Luigi, all he did for the movie was add accent and boom Luigi. 😂

  20. SAKURA says:


  21. hollywood gas comes out of the ass, don';t light a match.