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The film is a masterpiece of world-building from Muppeteer genius Henson, executive producer George Lucas and writer Terry Jones – each no stranger to weaving their own realities – and updates the topsy-turvy logic of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan. This one storybook alone – Curious George – is teeming with literary Halloween costume ideas. Your child has undoubtedly read the tales–now, it’s easy as pie to reenact some of the story plots for herself with one of these creative and beautiful costume replicas that will get your child into her perfect storybook character lickety-split! Finding the perfect Halloween costume turn into quite the difficult task when there are so many options available and the prices seem to get higher and higher. A long sleeve red button down with the sleeves ripped, some cut-off jeans, a yellow scarf or piece of fabric, flip flops and an old straw hat is all there is to it. For a new generation of fans, of whom thanks to the global popularity of Let’s Dance there were now many millions, the image of the pansexual alien outsider was galaxies away from the Bowie they saw at Live Aid, or on the Serious Moonlight tour, or in the videos to “Modern Love” and “China Girl”, all healthy of tan and neat of hair.

The Ziggy Stardust era established a certain image of Bowie in the eyes of fans: the gender-blending glam-rock alien in the fabulous, extravagant costumes and makeup, the gold disc on the forehead, the lightning bolt across the face, the kabuki-inspired costumes; then appearing as a strange androgynous canine creature on the cover of Diamond Dogs, right up to being cast as a literal alien in The Man Who Fell To Earth. “Black Panther” broke multiple box office records the world over during its opening weekend, easily becoming the top-grossing film of all time by a black director and featuring a largely black cast. Whether she’s having a night out or walking the red carpet, the model never fails to have us swooning over her style. “Being introduced to Jareth as a very young child was formative in ways that I don’t think I fully understood until I was an adult,” says Mary Widow, a Boston-based burlesque artist who has been performing a routine based on the movie’s “Magic Dance” sequence for over a decade.

He didn’t feel like a clear-cut villain, even though by all logical standards – especially 21st-century standards – he is.” Jareth became a gateway to understanding queerness and the mounting fascination that sexuality represents during adolescence. By 1986, the impression of the unearthly Bowie had started to fade; he looked every inch the clean-cut matinee idol and was even rowing back the bisexuality he had embraced in the 1970s in interviews. Even if Zachary Levi can’t help but make jokes about the fact that the new suit still doesn’t allow him to use the bathroom that easily. The pandemic is still a party pooper with limits like park reservations needed in advance, masks required indoors and the absence of parades. Additionally these are the first masks shown in detail in the film, ensuring that audiences are caught off-guard by their level of creepiness. Unfortunately, no one had connected the dots between the presentation of Jareth’s crotch and the fact that 99 per cent of the movie’s puppet characters had an eyeline roughly level with it, meaning the Bowie bulge becomes a literal focal point for much of the film. It’s no accident: the costume department spent days enlarging and shrinking Bowie’s bulge to the size that would best, as it were, emphasise the point.

‘It’s a beautifully tailored navy blue suit, it’s got some very nice intricate pointy cuffs. And if that sounds like a familiar story for Bowie fans, it’s because it’s exactly what happened in 1972 when Bowie, as Ziggy Stardust, draped his arm around Mick Ronson’s shoulders on Top of the Pops, before pointing into the camera and telling the audience “I picked on you-oo-oo”, just a month after appearing in Melody Maker miming fellatio on Ronson’s guitar. The audience will simply love it! There’s never going to be dressing up that I love more than a book character costume. Had that trajectory continued, Bowie’s legacy may well have been framed by the perception of a safer, more conventional rocker. All these attractions will be in place on or near Oct. 1. Some are permanent changes, and the rest will be on display for the next year and a half, so you have time to catch them.

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