Let’s talk about the Oscars Best Costume Design movies

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written by Mina Le and Sophie Carter
Edited by Israh S. and Mina Le

– for Babylon

– for Black Panther

– for Elvis

– for Everything Everywhere All at Once

– for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

0:00 – intro
2:18 – babylon
15:21 – black panther: wakanda forever
22:18 – elvis
28:34 – everything everywhere all at once
36:08 – mrs. harris goes to paris

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28 Responses to Let’s talk about the Oscars Best Costume Design movies

  1. zebby says:


  2. Pennywise says:

    Girl I’ll literally listen to you talk about anything

  3. 702degrees says:

    please do this next year!

  4. Coretta JG says:

    The Marvel Black Panther movies are such FEASTS for the eyes.

  5. Zipporah says:

    Black panther 1&2 had amazing costumes i will admire 🤭

  6. G-Man says:

    I like Chazelle's other movies but I didn't watch Babylon specifically because the costumes didn't look period accurate lol

  7. Hearing your arguments about Babylon, there seems to be a lot of sexism and yet another attempt to make Margot Robbie a sex object.

    I feel bad for the hair stylist and costume designers because they feel they can’t put their foot down. You can’t talk back to the boss and stand up for yourself out of fear of being fired. He may not want to hear their opinions either. It is awful.

    I do think Black Panther.. deserved the win because the costumes went with the story and were striking. I also think they wanted to be culturally appreciative and respectful.

  8. I liked the rock costumes.

  9. Da Que says:

    I hope movie makers learn that it’s not historical movies that will earn them Oscars but effort and care. Babylon seems like a movie only made to attract Oscars by using the keywords “Hollywood” and “Historical”. And despite the interview Mina referenced where they talk about how they “worked so hard to be historically accurate”, the proof is in front of you. A “modern” “superhero” movie had more care put into in that these Oscar bait disappointments and it shows it really really shows. Black panther deserved it. Also I really liked the effort put into WandaVision.

  10. Noura says:

    girl i lovvee uuu we're bestiess i agree with everything uuu sayyy

  11. mika says:

    I guess they weren't elaborate enough to merit a nomination, but I was wondering what you thought of the knitwear/costuming in Banshees of Inisherin. The lady who made the sweaters is so wholesome :,)

  12. This recent trend of directors making PERIOD MOVIES and then choosing to not put their actors in period accurate clothing, hair and makeup because they don't like it makes me so NERVOUS like why are you making a period film then?? I love Little Women (2019) and I liked Babylon but like come on?? Specially because it feels like most of the reason is because they feel like it wouldn't be attractive to modern audiences which ?? not everything needs to be attractive??

  13. Murrv Vmurr says:

    €10 says that Robbie didn't want to or was not able to cut her hair and pluck her eyebrows because vanity and/or Barbie movie.

  14. Katie wilson says:

    can we also mention the subtlety of killmongers white sweater texture referencing the scars all over his body

  15. I dont understand how the style of the time is a cliche?

  16. Calire says:

    Ngl I didn't know anything about Babylon and I thought it was like some sort of time travel thing to the 1920s cause the main character didn't look anything like a 1920s character

  17. R VanDerJagt says:

    A main reason why I'd even want to watch a movie like Babylon, or any period drama is for the immersion/escapism factor. Making Margot Robbie look like Julia Roberts in the 1990s kills that so much. Like at least Peaky Blinders tried.

  18. I love this! Let’s do it again next year

  19. Lutra Gem says:

    Very much enjoyed this, and would be happy to watch a similar one next year 😊

  20. I’m so dumb, I just googled ANIME wong 🤦‍♀️

  21. Hellsing says:

    Loved this! Would absolutely enjoy a video like this next year. ps. I adore your necklace!

  22. Miriam Tam says:

    I'd love it if you would do this every year 💞

  23. KENNY KENNY says:

    Can I just say that not every period piece is going to to be on a Robert Eggers level of accuracy (filmmaker of the witch, lighthouse, and Northman). A lot of period pieces literally have people talking in a British accent. Like that’s not at all how English sounded in the 1500s, but the corsets look accurate so who cares. Major stuff like dialects, cadence, and slang is ignored. The point I’m trying to make is there’s a lot more that goes into making an accurate period piece then just the costuming. If you look at the cars, the props being used, the architecture, the interior design, the music, and more in Babylon it all looks the 20s and 30s. Y’all are just ignoring the entire crew of production/set designers, Justin Horowitz the score composer, and the work of many more. Also not to get to bleak but if y’all really want true period accuracy there would be a lot more unbearable cruelty and violence towards non white people and women. Hollywood does a lot to make period pieces more palatable, so remember costumes aren’t the sole factor in determining the legitimacy of the period. Also Babylon is definitely trying to be hyperreal and larger then life, this is a movie where is someone is blowing lines of coke up there nose every 5 minutes. Babylon isn’t aiming to be 1:1 recreation of the time period like, say, The Lighthouse is. Also if you’ve only seen the trailer then just stop talking, you haven’t even seen the fucking movie. It just irks me when people form a complete opinion about a piece of art when they haven’t even given it a chance.

  24. someone tell her rubber is organic lmao

  25. Tachyk Nahar says:

    I'd only seen the poster for babylon and finding out it's supposed to take place in the 30s has made me unreasonably irritated

  26. Yes, please make this an annual thing! I adore your takes.

  27. mintyrainx says:

    Kurata's trying to be the Incredibles costume designer fr