Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Moment | 1901 Film Version Restored

Decades before Marilyn Monroe, there was Florence Georgie! Here’s the original 1901 film which inspired that white dress moment from The Seven Year Itch 1955. This is my second attempt at restoring this early Edison movie directed by Edwin S. Porter.

Archive footage enhanced using machine learning AI . “What Happened on 23rd Street” starred actress Florence Georgie and actor A.C. Abadie. The original print was all of 77 seconds in duration and in extremely poor condition. Preserved by the Library of Congress.

Shown at fairgrounds, musical halls etc as an ‘actuality film’ or a true event, (dedicated “movie theater” were yet to be built.) Audiences of the day were no doubt convinced it was authentic and thought the ribald ending to be hilarious, or the men at least. It was of course staged.
The plot, such as it was, entailed a young man escorting a young lady down a busy New York street in Manhattan. Both talking earnestly, the couple walk over an air shaft, causing the young lady’s skirts to suddenly billow out.
At first the young woman is mortified but then bursts out laughing. Her laugh is a brief genuine moment, which I hope this restoration does some justice to.

The film offers another glimpse of what New York’s Manhattan looked like at the turn of the 20th century. The Edwardian era dresses, early electric trams and horse and carts galore.
The film heralds both the end of an era and the dawn of a new era of locomotion.

Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Moment | 1901 Film by

AI Restoration Process

1. Removed noise artifacts and stabilized original print.
2. Increased frame interpolation from 15 fps to 60 fps
3. Increased to 4K resolution using AI upscaling.
4. Added color using Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization.( thanks to Bo Chang and team)

What Happened on Twenty-third Street 1901.
Director: Edwin S. Porter with George S. Fleming,
Cast: A.C. Abadie, Florence Georgie.
A Thomas Edison Film.

Thomas A. Edison, Inc, What happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City. United States: Thomas A. Edison, Inc, 1901. Video. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

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30 Responses to Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress Moment | 1901 Film Version Restored

  1. Per Allwin says:

    Does anyone else think she bears a resemblance to the late comedian Gilda Radner?

  2. Amazing how, in that moment of shock and confusion, the lady made unplanned facial expressions that transcends time and makes her look modern and human like us. Victorians were not the stoic, serious, overly modest people as seen in old photos and film.

  3. Kimmy47 says:

    I love her laugh ! All those clothes women wore back then, I'm sure it felt great getting a little cool air under there lol 😆 so cute 😍

  4. John Roddy says:

    God I think I see her ankle o the shame of it.

  5. это подставные )

  6. Gray Ace says:

    I love that she laughed at it afterward. LOL!

  7. MariamArts says:

    Now this is an historic tribute and commemoration to this woman’s iconic legacy of her skirt being
    flown and in front of the public.

    Which I may be keen to find very embarrassing but very interesting.

  8. Where was the draft coming from? There was a subway in 1901?

  9. Lisa Y says:

    That was so wonderfully wholesome and sweet! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. Love it. Beautiful pic into the past. Boy have we changed as a society. This was the golden age for America. What a generation

  11. Cindy Lira says:

    oohhh…i like ur restored videos….so interesting

  12. Ed Shoaff says:

    In the 1950’s my grandmother worked as a waitress on 9th & Market St. in San Francisco (there used to be a grocery/restaurant mall there) and when she got off work as she walked down the street a huge gust of wind blew her crinoline dress over her head and a taxi driver stopped on a dime, jumped out and helped her pull it from over her head…..they married and were a couple for 50 years !

  13. She's so cute lol, also this one is better than the one in the Seven Year Itch, at least we get a full shot of her instead of in the movie where you only see Marilyn's legs but not her face

  14. Cor says:

    How easily we can be tricked! If this was a real film scene and you know it, nothing of her behaviour was natural. Not even her laughter. With a real dress with a long underdress from the 19th it wouldn‘t even lift up.

  15. W A G N E R says:


  16. I like the old guy with the mustache who passes left to right after they leave frame. His little "if i were thirty years younger" smile.😊

  17. snittykitty says:

    Adorable reaction. ❤

  18. wulfbana says:

    that laugh ❤❤❤

  19. Wow, naughty! We almost saw her knees!!!

  20. bruh everyone is dripped out

  21. Cali Rose says:

    That was cute how she laughed about it at the end. People seemed much more laid back, not rushing here or there, just out for a stroll.. no crazy traffic, road rage, or people glued to their cell phones.. I wondered how they would see us if they could look ahead in time. 🤔

  22. K L says:

    Reminder to the viewers commenting, this is from a film. It's not a candid recording. Adding the video notes here for context: "Decades before Marilyn Monroe, there was Florence Georgie! Here’s the original 1901 film which inspired that white dress moment from The Seven Year Itch 1955. This is my second attempt at restoring this early Edison movie directed by Edwin S. Porter."

  23. yikes says:

    OMG her reaction is so awesome, what a cute moment 😆

  24. Mrs.Rushy says:

    Scandalous! lol. It reminds me of the scene from "Far and Away" where they're on the ship and Tom Cruise's character, Joseph tells Nicole Kidman's character, Shannon. "Your ankles are showing!"