Marvel Hid this SECRET in Black Panther Costumes #shorts

Black Panther has one of the COOLEST costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But have you taken a look at the villains costumes like the Killmonger, Klaue, or Namor? They’re all BLUE! But why? Why would Marvel do this?

See Why It’s Time for Marvel to PANIC! ►►
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Forrest Lee, and Ash
Editors: Pedro Freitas
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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45 Responses to Marvel Hid this SECRET in Black Panther Costumes #shorts

  1. h says:

    Didn't know I could hate those movies anymore than I already do

  2. BarryHere says:

    Ah yes, mock the first people you call when you're in danger.

  3. fpstudio says:

    So they producers are racist? No surprise

  4. Casey Smith says:

    Racism strikes again

  5. Bobby Hands says:

    why is Hollywood trying make purple a blk thing…SuS

  6. Cam Harkness says:

    People: points out how our justice system is messed up, and there's a lot of the police are corrupt.


  7. Killtagious says:

    Well that’s disappointing. Sad that woke directors are ruining cinema

  8. Aiden Solien says:

    That’s so dumb bro they fr making police seem bad

  9. Acejust Pogi says:

    The weakness of PWNCS (People with no Common Sense) are historical Scientifical mathimatical Facts, and you know about it

  10. "Historically, they were nomadic, here are them wearing BLUE…."

  11. ppags84 says:

    Give them another Oscar

  12. Demon_Pigeon says:

    My favorite color is purple because it stands for cops have courage

  13. Jadon Branch says:

    Man we need the lord

  14. Braxton Rupp says:

    Yup his name is definitely clow

  15. Peanut says:

    Stupid, I don’t think American cops are colonizing Africa.

  16. Ankit Kumar says:

    When the color from the uniform of real heroes symbolize villians.

  17. Because it’s political

  18. No is Doom the frst fps ever

  19. Welovefans says:

    Not the stereotypes

  20. Kinda makes me like the movie less knowing that fact. Guess I'm just a racist whitey.

  21. Christine says:

    I think we can all agree at the end of the day that there are bad cops, but that there are so many good cops too. I think even the officers themselves would say that. When I support the blue flag, it's because of the officers who serve and protect, not the bad ones. But I will stand for the blue flag.

  22. Blaze_Playz says:

    Ain't no way MatPat just said the N word

  23. lady noir says:

    Yay! Twareg are mentioned in one of your videos (i mean you said algeria 🇩🇿) 😍

  24. So the director hates cops hope then don’t come when he calls

  25. Yea I bet if there was no cops for week every person would change there mind

  26. Please do a theory on generation loss

  27. Ya should remember the ppl that freed slaves in America were blue coats

  28. cooked says:

    Love that the villains are basically shown as cops when the director gets attacked and he calls 911 how funny will that be

  29. Also the police is an enemy in wakanda forever

  30. Swamp donkey says:

    Never seen the movie

  31. Demyx1x says:

    Sooo… they're wearing blue to perpetuate an extremely offensive and narrow-minded stereotype that, to this day, continues to endanger the lives of not just police officers but those whom they might interact with? "All cops bad" …🙄 It's not surprising that the movies about "Wokecanda" push that shity narrative… narrow-minded individuals can only produce one kind of product, after all.

  32. That’s why I won’t watch that crap 💩 I’ll read the actual comics I’m sick of all these woke idiots I won’t give them my money how’s Chadwick doin anyway

  33. 1JBTheGiant says:

    Blue is also the most popular color among humans, especially males. Just a little statistical slap to the face of people for having a favorite color. Delightful.

  34. SportsFan says:

    Some cops make a bad name for the rest of them but you know what I have for people who think we should de find them 🖕