Princess Peach’s Training Course in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

Princess Peach shows Mario how to master the training course!


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43 Responses to Princess Peach’s Training Course in ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

  1. Princess peach, good job

  2. It’s like doing gymnastics

  3. I like how her crown is still is her head even though she make cool moves, back flip, etcetera the crown is still is her head👑..

  4. sarah Binley says:

    I love the Mario movie

  5. Winston says:

    In Odyssey she ditches Mario and Bowser and left them on the moon, peach has always been for the streets and he deserve Pauline who actually likes him

  6. The character is AMAZING but the voice is a bit to deep 🤏 but she did good for the voice of princess Peach 👍

  7. The one time peach became a god 😂

  8. Love the Mario movie but I don't really like this version of Peach.

  9. Wow, princess peach is rly great at it it was so great! 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

  10. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the movie the sun look so great of her hair

  11. Luk Ahmad says:

    She's so badass I love her. I always play as her in SMB2.

  12. MercenaryX21 says:

    Even as capable as she is she could still be captured if she's overwhelmed. Not to mention she cares about the toads and you hold them positive she will give up herself to save them.

  13. MercenaryX21 says:

    The amazing thing is that she's doing all this in high heels.

  14. Me wondering how her crown not fall

  15. lezuhafim says:

    Fun fact: Princess Peach's bangs are shaped like a heart

  16. Wow She Is A Very Strong Daughter🥰She's Beautiful Like An Angel😘

  17. Bring the hogr krjjdurkigjdhfmdmnfbrjth he

  18. The queen of parkour 😊😊😊

  19. Mehr Sami says:


  20. I didn’t like the movie how it turned out but I do like the TikTok I mean YouTube shorts❤

  21. Reem Sleiman says:

    She didn't eliminate all the obstacles😊😊

  22. KatieeeeBaby says:

    The fact that her crown stayed on, was impressive

  23. KBX Band says:

    I frickin love this movie. Its exactly what it should have been.

  24. Labarik says:


  25. Moldova says:

    Peach is my favorite

  26. Sunshine says:

    Old Princess peach- Mario save me!
    New Princess peach- Mario! I will save you.

  27. _Jinx_ says:

    This is why I personally am not a huge fan of the Mario movie. They gave the other princesses 0 screen time, and Peach all of princess Daisy’s unique traits! Daisy us known as the bad a** princess who does all the sporty/parkour things and can save herself. Also, if Peach can do all that parkour (in heels too), why is she always getting captured? I’d prefer if they stuck to the original Peach personality where she always needs Mario and can’t fight or parkour her way out of it. No, I don’t want to feed on the stereotype that women need a man, but I do think her character resembles that she could use one, (Mario as seen from games), as after all, she needs him to help her every game. Daisy doesn’t. Also, throwing back to the screen time, I wonder how fans aren’t angry that Rosalina had no screen time either! After all, Lumalee has gained loads of popularity, and she is necessarily their “mother”, or adoptive figure none the less.

  28. Anastasia says:

    Dang,going some skills there grl

  29. Mario is like what am I watching😂