Rating Shrek Movies Costumes on Historical Accuracy (DETAILED)

I’m seeing green

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21 Responses to Rating Shrek Movies Costumes on Historical Accuracy (DETAILED)

  1. Le Gros Momo says:

    Puss in boots 2 animation style has nothing to do with pixar at all, like nothing is looking like a pixar movie

  2. TJgrebdnul says:

    If anyone has earned the right to use the common Puss in Boots meme quote going around in Instagram reels it's you!

    "How long did you spend watching Shrek related media???"

    "Uh… I don't know. I never counted. I am not really a math guy…"


  4. Krissell F. says:

    Would like to know why you nor Bernadette have revised Penny Dreadful? Those costumes are beautiful and would love your thoughts.

  5. Ac3 says:

    I guess your suffering is ogre now

  6. I'd argue that Puss In Boots: The Last Wish's animation style takes a lot of its inspiration from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is a Sony property NOT a Disney/Pixar property. I personally really like the new animation style because it reminds me more of a painting, but that's just my opinion.

  7. poo poo says:

    Calling the new puss in boots "pixarized" is crazy

  8. 6:52 No worries for missing this one (because it is an American-centric reference), but the legendary American comedian and celebrity reporter Joan Rivers. And her outfit is a reference to her iconic roll of Dot Matrix in the movie Spaceballs.

  9. PCELD_ says:

    onde é q vim parar

  10. King Chummy says:

    I notice a sever lack of attention given to Donkey's period accurate fashion sense. He is never contrasted against the setting, other characters, or what a donkey's fit would have been in any of the periods. aSS tier

  11. How about “get shreked”?

  12. Haitaka123 says:

    At the end you could say
    “That’s it, this video is ogre”

  13. justL says:

    These ho's ygga..

  14. Kelico says:

    I can't believe you waited 2 months to make an April Fool's video

  15. I ADORE the art style of the new Puss in Boots movie. It’s almost a painting at times

  16. Im sorry but calling the last wish pixarised is just wrong.

  17. lmao 5:42 prince charming kinda…yknow

  18. venusvunes says:

    "whys he kinda-" LMFAOOOO

  19. Shrek’s outfit is great because of the layers

  20. PTheorist says:

    I love your green earrings! Very good to set up the Shrek mood 😀