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Both of them started as silly ideas and funny art jokes created by me and my husband. I’m not a crazy, patriotic weirdo or anything, but I love my country, silly as it may be. I kind of want to sit out one more year but I definitely, I’m already working on something, because I’m also a creative person, and I live for that, that’s why I get up every morning because I love it,’ the America’s Got Talent judge said. Whether you are adding a flash of jewel-toned velvet to a classic ensemble, or working the look in a plush velvet gown, this is a trend that everyone can follow. But working on an “off the books” mission is something we’ve seen Steve do in both Winter Soldier and Civil War.

This week’s installment of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier saw its longest running time yet, as it swelled just past the one-hour mark (including credits) for the first time all season. Mikasa Ackerman is a strong-willed, powerful, and determined soldier. Singing’s the second longest simply because I get a little harder on myself every time and I’ll record a take over and over until I feel like it’s good. ‘I found it so easy to get into the headspace of a young person – it felt like yesterday,’ she laughs. Here’s how to get most of it. Fans who pre-order any edition of the game will get access to two special character skins – Warrior Thor and Evil Ryu. Sophie could be seen pouring pints adjacent to two storey family homes in East London. It also provides the interior for scenes set at the Ritz Hotel in London.

The production team used other stately homes too, but for scenes that couldn’t be re-created in these grand piles the Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol were used. Run everywhere and behave like an animal – those instructions were buzzing around Lily James’s head as she filmed Linda’s teenage scenes. Prior to her performance, joker costume the preview video clip rolled and the mystery singer dropped a series of hints including the comment: ‘All the people look like tiny models’. Parts of Paris were also re-created here, including the iconic Gare du Nord railway station. Many of the clothes are bespoke, with designs inspired by detailed descriptions in Nancy Mitford’s novel, particularly Linda’s outfits when she’s living in Paris in episode three. The songstress was unmasked as the Alien after she landed in the bottom three with Swan and Badger, spiderman costume with the judges deciding to unmask Alien. She starts by levitating six of Thanos’ Q-Ships and using his own technology against him to destroy the alien mutants in his army.

The Pursuit Of Love starts tomorrow at 9pm on BBC1. Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit Of Love has been adapted for a three-part BBC series. Three years in the making, the BBC’s three-part adaptation of aristocratic author Nancy Mitford’s novel The Pursuit Of Love finally comes to the screen this week. It was Emily’s father Sir John Mortimer, creator of irascible TV barrister Rumpole Of The Bailey, who first introduced her to the writings of Nancy Mitford, and it’s thanks to him that Emily was brought up steeped in the British literary giants. Kids who apparently watched the show even though it’s supposed to be for adults played Red Light, Green Light, and beat up those who lost. Well, how about the fact that CD Projekt RED got it running smoothly on a system equipped with a now-laughable 512MB of memory? What saves him, and what made him appeal to me, was the fact that he has a warm heart, he’s a bit of a softie. ‘Fanny’s life generally becomes more enhanced around Linda, everything becomes a bit more exciting and vivid. It’s told through the eyes of her cousin Fanny, who sticks by her through thick and thin as Linda’s life becomes a catalogue of romantic misadventures.

She has this different personality that breaks out when she’s around her cousin. While Kasady uses his powers to track down mutant girlfriend Frances Barrison, aka Shriek (Naomie Harris), Venom “breaks up” with Brock and hits the clubs, crashing a costume party as himself. Wanda blasted Captain America down a flight of stairs and used her neuroelectric interfacing powers to show Tony Stark his worst nightmare. Wanda smiles mischievously as Stark rips the scepter free, now feeling the need to complete his Ultron project to better defend humanity. Plot details are still being kept under wraps, but previous reports and rumors revealed that the show will have a massive ensemble of characters that will be played by the likes of Alaqua Cox, Vera Farmiga, Fra Free, and Tony Dalton.

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