Sophia Lillis Shares Hilarious ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Costume Malfunctions

“And take two…” Sophia Lillis dishes on playing a shapeshifting druid in “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” and shares her hilarious struggle with keeping her costume intact during filming. Sophia also dishes on watching nature documentaries to prepare for her role, her favorite anchovy pizza in New York, and starting her acting career at age 7.

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44 Responses to Sophia Lillis Shares Hilarious ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Costume Malfunctions

  1. Al says:

    She looks very much like Ariel from the Little Mermaid

  2. gr44zer says:

    she's so funny 😂

  3. Arya Faeqy says:

    She likes anchovy pizza? Is she Fry’s sister?

  4. Go Away Now says:

    No, put the costume back on.
    The character's hair suits her so much better than whatever weirdm unattractive look she's got going on here.

  5. I honestly never expected anyone under 60 to be eating anchovies

  6. sophia is a very talanted young woman…and she is so cute jesus christ

  7. John Cane says:

    They were awesome in the movie 💪

  8. A lot of times Sophia Lillis looks like boy but she was pretty hot 🔥🥵🔥 in Dungeons and Dragons.

  9. I love Sophia I won't have sex with her makes me love to her

  10. Remo68 says:

    She’s such a terrible interviewer! Sophia and Michelle were more entertaining talking to each other

  11. andy duffy says:

    sophia lillis is one cool as fuck chick and played a truly sexy character perfectly

  12. Tattletale says:

    I missed Kelly Clarkson's song

  13. Shenk says:

    "We'll keep your share then" caught me off guard. I spilled my drink

  14. Neuro Weaver says:

    She looked AMAZING in the movie.
    So, what happened here? It's like a completely different person.

  15. datRuken says:

    When she said little munchkin my heart droped right there.

  16. sdq sdq says:

    of all the D n D , finally they nailed it

  17. Dora Yantz says:

    Sophia kinda looks like Elizabeth Olsen. They are both amazing in the movie & so the others. 😍😍

  18. SmartFool24 says:

    I need at least 9 more of these movies with this cast. Lots of fun.

  19. tno1990 says:

    Michelle Rodriguez is amazing!

  20. Windi Nawili says:

    When I saw Sophia Lillis I immediately thought Ariel the little mermaid

  21. This Movie is Surprisingly Great! 👍
    Even if they put a bit of Woke thing in there, but! it's not the main point of the movie which is makes so great.
    I mean great acting, the comic humour, great cast, great story writings, action scenes, the visuals . just wow! it's Amazing! I highly recommend this movie. this movie is easily Award Winning contender of 2023
    10/10 for me with a Badass seal of approval!

  22. I really like how those two ladies seem to be very down to earth and fun, and Michelle seems so nice and cheerful, quite the change from her badass woman roles

  23. TelvisTed says:

    I’m still pissed about how “I’m not okay with this” didn’t continue! And Sophia was great in it!

  24. I've wanted to see Michelle Rodriguez in an action role since Avatar.

  25. Sophia is awesome…but it kills me that they dont know A THING about DnD, its not a superhero movie, they are not superheroes. When she says "you can transform into things that is wizardry"…….ARGH. SHE IS A DRUID, NOT A WIZARD. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. INFORM YOURSELF. And saying "the directors know so much, they are Dungeon Masters" like its a degree…really? How many dungeon masters only know the starter pack?…I'm rambling, they say the movie is great, I'm happy they made it. But I'm certain there will be WAY better interviews than this one.

  26. She's so adorable as a druid

  27. <3 <3 Love you all <3 <3

  28. wallball5 says:

    I wish her Netflix show would come back

  29. I had an idea to sneak into a jail as a rat. Then ofc I rolled one, so I ended up fu** up my shape and getting stuck in the toilet, which eventually did burst and I was cought while being covered in poop. XD

  30. GamingUnited says:

    Sophia Lillis would make a kickass carrie kelly in a batman movie

    but the CW version all they do is race swap

  31. She’s looked so much better in D&D. I like the longer hair.

  32. I love, respect and adore the actress Michelle Rodrigues♥
    The girl is Sophia Lillis Beautiful in her hair only in the movie But she's not pretty without Sophia Lillis' hair I hope you have beautiful hair like other ladies

  33. I love, respect and adore the actress Michelle Rodrigues♥The girl is Sophia Lillis Beautiful in her hair only in the movie But she's not pretty without Sophia Lillis' hair I hope you have beautiful hair like other ladies

  34. rainey06au says:

    Damn, she would have made a great Ellie for the Last of Us series..

  35. im so happy that she's getting the recognition she deserves

  36. She's a younger Elizabeth Olsen who time traveled

  37. Jason Larson says:

    HUGE error is druids can't be an owlbear only normal animals so I call that BS

  38. Wow, occasionally her diction almost sounds like Bobcat G. Not completely, but a little bit when she's uncertain if her answer.

  39. She was amazing in I'm Not OK With This…she needs more roles that showcase her talent.

  40. please part 2 with the same cast BUT in totally different roles and in an new world!!!!

  41. MR UNKNOWN says:

    Idk her name but she’s annoying and loud af