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Once a premier industry event, Tokyo Game Show has been increasingly overshadowed by global competitors in recent years. Our costumes usually last 6 to 8 years in regular weekly use. We wanted the anime princess coffin for Milly-Sue with a blue dress, which was just perfect for her – it is the last thing you are going to be able to really do for your child so you want it to be perfect. Heartbreakingly, Kayleigh told the Liverpool Echo that the last thing Milly-Sue said to her was, ‘I love you’. The Wirral mother said she has been overwhelmed by the love and support shown by people, some she has never even met. The shirt has Woody’s signature vest and kerchief attached, so even if your pup says “absolutely not” to the hat, the rest of the outfit still has enough “yee-haw” for the rodeo! Breathing issues still a problem. No problem. Here are some great options inspired by literary couples and love stories that make us swoon.

We met thru cosplay & bonded over our love and eventual loss of our fathers. She told me “goodnight” and “I love you”. The paramedics told us even with the CPR it was too late. On the other hand, some characters are notoriously difficult to cosplay and most people consider them to even be impossible to cosplay. Kayleigh said Milly-Sue was always drawing, searching charity shops for her next book, or dressing up as her favourite anime characters before her untimely death. Kayleigh added: ‘I am just so glad Milly-Sue was able to be who she was before she went out of this world because there is so much pressure on young people from social media to be a certain way. I remember seeing her in her coffin and her make-up was done just the way she used to do it – she was better than me at make-up, she would have a little pink nose and eyeliner. So if you don’t want to disappoint your little royal, please make sure to order her costume in September.

It’s the perfect background movie for while you are hand-sewing your costume. Providing dead-on impersonations of the original Banana Splits voice cast is Eric Bauza, who has an extensive background in animation and will be bringing the Looney Toons characters to vocal life in a series of new animated shorts. The Banana Splits Movie will be released digitally on August 13, followed by a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on August 27. It will air later in the year on Syfy. For her part, Danishka adds, “When I think about the most challenging part of this film, I have to mention that the Splits costumes were very heavy, very hot and very itchy. She said: ‘I don’t think it has sunk in yet. If you are going to resemble him in the cosplay, you might not think however looking like Spiderman is quite straightforward. She left her room about 10.45pm to get a drink, but I knew that meant she was going to put off bedtime and play with Lagertha, our dog. My partner Robert Lowe rang an ambulance and started doing CPR, my son Cameron heard what was going on and rushed in and grabbed Dante and covered his eyes before taking him out of the room.

That Sunday night, Kayleigh put son Dante, five, who shared a room with Milly-Sue, to bed. I went in the other day to just give it a tidy and it was all just typical 11-year-old stuff, movie costume ideas like a Babybel in the pillowcase and drawings under the bed. She said: ‘Her bed is under the window so I stepped over her and then I saw her back wasn’t moving and I was shouting her name. Kayleigh had asked people to make donations to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Milly-Sue’s name. She said: ‘People have raised money for us and it has been such a massive help, because yes, children’s funerals are free, but if you want certain things for your child it can be so expensive. Oxygen saturation levels keep dropping below 90. They are trying to figure things out. Decking yourself out in any type of costume permits you to draw attention to your personal individual style.

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