Street Fighter 6 – Classic Costumes vs New Outfits Comparison (All Costumes)

Street Fighter 6 All Costumes including Classic Costumes vs their New Outfits direct Comparison with Intros, Outros and Gameplay
#SF6 #StreetFighter6 #streetfighter6
Gameplay footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.

About Meloo:
Meloo is a channel that produces Guides, Creative Edits, High Quality Lore Videos, Comparisons & Mods for new video game releases. In my videos I draw parallels and use different editing techniques to deliver my Gameplay in a concise & transformative manner rather than full let’s plays. All Gameplay is my own and is recorded and edited by me

classic movie costumes Quality and attention to detail are key when it comes to cosplay. That’s why our team of experienced designers and craftsmen put their heart and soul into every move cosplay costume we produce. From the fabric to the accessories, every detail is carefully planned and executed to ensure our customers receive only the best.

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21 Responses to Street Fighter 6 – Classic Costumes vs New Outfits Comparison (All Costumes)

  1. GALAXVERSE says:

    0:00 Juri
    0:39 Cammy
    1:14 Chun-li
    1:50 Ryu
    2:34 Ken
    3:00 Guile
    3:27 Dee Jay
    4:00 Marisa
    4:39 Luke
    5:02 Jamie
    5:28 Manon
    5:56 Kimberly
    6:21 JP
    6:53 Lily
    7:20 E. Honda
    7:49 Blanka
    8:21 Zangief
    8:51 Dhalsim

  2. Kurt Gantan says:

    now i kinda wish i lost against juri

  3. Why Manon has not the KO when the finish is done SACRILÈGE 😡.
    Even this little poussi has one but she hust turn arround like a poussi 😤 she's tcheating, how many damage she do like that, its tcheat

  4. I hope they come out with some great new level designs too, because things look amazing in this new engine and the OG SF 2 levels and music would be a fantastic addition👌

  5. I'm glad they made the OG costumes available at launch because almost all of the 2nd costumes even for the new characters are way better.

  6. dragoonzen says:

    weird, Chun Li classic costume has a bigger chest

  7. Type_alpha says:

    The rule 34 for this game is gonna go crazy

  8. 90% of the alts suck. good… i dont need to unlock em!

  9. gq lei says:

    Classic costumes=Throw back to street fighter 4 New costumes=Street fighter 6

  10. Sightless says:

    The most impressive part is how Ken continues to find karate gi that are about a size too big no matter how much extra muscle he puts on.

  11. Chris Berg says:

    You just can't compete with the classics

  12. Vector Fox says:

    Why does Juri look like she’s suffering from a hernia?

  13. Tigerkwan says:

    I love how cammy's pig tails became part of her coat as to keep the silhouette but new and fresh

  14. Are mods or are really in the base game??

  15. The classic costumes are just plain worse then the new ones.

  16. Caner Akçay says:

    Ryu's classic is much better than new costume 😊

  17. I like the IMPROVEMENTS!!!

    they did with the character 😁

  18. I knew cammy's original outfit is lewd but 1:02 isnt this kinda pushing it?