‘Super Mario Bros.’ Cast Pranks Jack Black Into Wearing Bowser Costume On Kelly Clarkson Show

“I’m the only stupid guy that got dressed in a costume…” Jack Black makes an epic entrance on the show dressed in a hilarious Bowser onesie, but he’s mad that his “Super Mario Bros. Movie” co-stars didn’t join him in the fun. Tune in today for more with the stars of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” — Chris Pratt, Keegan-Michael Key, Jack Black and Charlie Day.

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27 Responses to ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Cast Pranks Jack Black Into Wearing Bowser Costume On Kelly Clarkson Show

  1. Val Mid says:

    No disrespect to Dennis Hooper; but Jack Black’s performance here is what I would envision what Bowser looks like in live action

  2. Jack Black as Bowser is just pure perfection!

  3. No se si de verdad se quisieron burlar pero por dios, Jack Black es Jack Black y siempre será así al natural!!!!! Y siempre será el amo y maestro del show

  4. He is showing his balls

  5. Can you show me the balls

  6. Jack really awesome. Honestly I do.

  7. Kathryn Koch says:

    Why did the blur out his junk? Hahaha

  8. Keegan and Jack are such a good combo

  9. DNVYN says:

    Jack black was amazing

    Everyone else was 💩

  10. I wonder if Jim Carrey would prank the Sonic movie cast dressed in an Eggman costume.

  11. Ric Bülow says:

    Blurring out the Koopa did not take the attention away from it, as much as you thought it would editor.

  12. Why's they censor Jack Black's Tenacious D?

  13. 1:57 I am guessing Keegan was the reason Jack is only one who showed up in costume. It would have been interesting if they did all dress up as the Mario characters they voiced.

  14. Sly88Frye says:

    Jack Black is really awesome for dressing like Bowser. I mean seriously all that Chris Pratt and Charlie Day had to do to be in character just wear hats. Yeah I mean sure we're the overalls but the hats would have been good enough I think

  15. funny joke jack black

  16. Am I crazy or is Kelly drunk in this clip?

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    women will use tight boxers that look like underwear while we men will use good ol wide leg Jeans

  18. johnrie18 says:

    Suure. They had to “trick him” into wearing that costume. Right 😉

  19. Jelly Belly says:

    I probably wouldn't have noticed his koopa troopa if u didn't blur it out but that's all I can stare at now

  20. xd _gh0st says:

    0:37 jack looks like he’s about to tell his mum that he wet the bed

  21. I cannot wait till a couple of years have passed and look back on this masterpiece 😂

  22. Bob says:

    in the first 10 seconds, not knowing who was in this cast, and then seeing camera pan to Pratt, Day, then Keegan, and to know jack black is coming out now in a bowser costume lmao i get why this movie has done well they should just be the 3 stooges