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Oona’s Best Transformations and Costumes! 30 Minutes | Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies go on so many adventures, and they can sometimes transform into different characters and creatures! Watch your favorite songs and scenes as Oona transforms and dresses up as a knight, police officer, alien, and more!

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The Legend of Zelda: The Movie. Dream Cast and Costumes for a Live Action of the Link Games Saga

Welcome to AI-Anime Channel! Prepare to be transported to a world of Anime-Style AI-made art, where imagination meets technology.

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The MCU has been innovative and has changed the game plenty of times… but currently, it’s been slacking a little, especially visually – and other than overdesign and its VFX issues, something that’s been quite lackluster is how the characters suit up, or transform. Heck even the process of putting on a helmet or taking it off is boring.. so how did we get here? One word (Or two together?)… Nanotech. Nano-Tech. Nano-whatever. You get what I mean.



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