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Are X-Men Movie Costumes Really That Bad?

The X-Men costumes have historically had one of the worst reputations in the entire comic book movie canon. But is that really fair?

Sure, there’s been an awful lot of black leather, and black armour, but there’s also been way more creative and comic accurate costumes in the franchise than people give them credit for. There’s also something to be said for comic book accuracy in general. Is a costume bad just because it doesn’t resemble anything that came before? Doesn’t the tone, narrative and context to the moviemaking alter how these costumes should be considered?

And then on top of that there’s the Deadpool outfit. Pure unfiltered perfection.

I’m going to look through all of the assorted looks from both the X-Men and their villains. Where were they treated unfairly? Where were they treated more than fairly? Which costumes came close but missed the mark? Overall, are the X-Men costumes really that bad?

0:00 – Really that bad?
1:09 – The Original X-Men Trilogy
6:01 – X-Men: Origins Wolverine
6:34 – X-Men: First Class
8:55 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
13:02 – X-Men: Apocalypse
17:42 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix
18:37 – The Wolverine / Logan
19:57 – Deadpool I & II

X Men. 2000.
X Men 2. 2003.
X Men: The Last Stand. 2006.
X Men Origins: Wolverine. 2009.
X Men: First Class. 2011.
X Men: Days of Future Past. 2014.
Deadpool. 2016.
X Men: Apocalypse. 2016.
Logan. 2017.
Deadpool 2. 2018.
X Men: Dark Phoenix. 2019.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 2022.
Deadpool & Wolverine (Deadpool 3). 2024.
Avengers: Secret Wars. 2026.

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