Tekken 8 Aternative Costumes – A.I generated

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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10 Responses to Tekken 8 Aternative Costumes – A.I generated

  1. in fighting games, when it comes to fashion
    the king of the iron fist and the king of fighters
    rules and shines with grace.

  2. Kazuya just became batman

  3. Stello Cut says:

    Seriously? Why don't we make Jin fuckin Superman?

  4. Xv9 says:

    Batman + Mishima = bishima 😅
    P.s king looks the best

  5. imho, Lars and xiaoyu look the best out of these

  6. Big Aj says:

    They were all sick, but Batman Kazuya goofy af 🗿

  7. Does Kazuya really have to look like batman😭