the big problem with superhero costumes #shorts

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14 Responses to the big problem with superhero costumes #shorts

  1. Pasta says:

    If i was a superhero, i would just wear my regular clothes with a mask. Can't go through the hassle of being in a costume.

  2. Have they ALWAYS? No. Spiderman 1 ended that. But even the 1st Batman and surprisingly the flash 90s show weren't horrible

  3. PhantomThief says:

    Linda Carter gets a pass.

  4. Indalecio says:

    Where's the full video link?

  5. -Batman- says:

    Adam West and Burt Ward looked awesome don’t lie

  6. N says:

    People when they wanted to see their favourite comics on the screen: "i dont like it they look too much like the comics"

  7. Chris Kelly says:

    On every channel these Shorts are the worst content. Please stop.

  8. Linda Carter made it work though 😂

  9. Brian says:

    Where's the link to the full video?

  10. Pako X says:

    And somehow they still getting Phase 4 wrong 😂

  11. Ben L says:

    Every superhero wears basketball costumes now