‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Cast Talk Nostalgia, Getting into Character, and Exciting New Details

Let’s-a go! Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Key, and Charlie Day sit down with FD correspondent, Nikki Novak, and share exciting new details about the highly anticipated, ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie.’ Spilling details like the first five minutes of the movie, how they were able to get into character, their favorite Mario moments growing up, and so much more! ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ is in theaters April 5th! Tickets’ are on sale NOW!

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23 Responses to ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Cast Talk Nostalgia, Getting into Character, and Exciting New Details

  1. Jack Black for the win.

  2. Vincent Lett says:

    “Do you wanna toot your own horn seth?” “Not for a kids movie” when I tell you I spat out my drink 💀

  3. The Crypteia says:

    Honestly, I thought they all did great. I would love more movies, maybe a Luigi’s mansion movie?! Something that includes yoshis?! A lot of possibilities!

  4. Lucía Gil says:

    Charlie Day is so great 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  5. Dan Dunbar says:

    Its pretty amazing they have the most amazing comedic actors of our time. And they all have very different and distinct styles of comedy.

  6. raybombs says:

    Chris has obviously never played any Super Mario games
    Nobody loves Luigi either, thats why besides Luigis Mansion and Super Mario Bros 2, he has no good staring roles in games

  7. justDHEEJAE says:

    Of course the most replayed is peach's "owh"

  8. WHAT a fantastic group!!! Great show!!

  9. Seth Rogers is just like "whatever, it's a kid's movie"

  10. they have never played mario bros. don't know anything about the games…not even research for the part?

  11. AngeL says:

    It’s isn’t even just that people relate to Mario. It’s that when you play the games, you ARE Mario. That’s just on another level of attachment to the character that people who don’t play games won’t understand.

  12. Kinda hard to go wrong when everyone is this comedically talented

  13. ChickenPit says:

    Luigi needs his own movie or atleast more screentime if there will be a sequel. Who am I kidding, of course there will be a sequel😂

  14. Evry1Kno says:

    Jack Black is the best

  15. Jack Yang says:

    non of them knows luigi has his own luigi's mansion series. where he first landed in the haunted area and him being scared is a huge shoutout to luigis mansion

  16. Dude those guys toguether are really funny… hope to see them toguether in another movie.

  17. Megan Elyse says:

    No one said lightning power?! Clearly the best power.

  18. D and V says:

    Jack😂 is amazing

  19. Loved Charlie's pitch for the music! ❤

  20. Bexa says:

    Shame Anya Taylor-Joy ( Peach ) wasnt present

  21. Kae Shpanky says:

    It is confirmed, Bowser is just the koppa Guy Fieri

  22. My dad has the 80’s-90’s Nintendo switch it’s pretty neat

  23. Angelo Music says:

    I was born in 1981, I still remember when I got the Nintendo for Xmas and I will always carry that happy memory with me.
    I saw the movie yesterday and I LOVE IT!
    Thank you Fandango for sharing this. Amazing stars there, totally worthit!