Top 10 Things Air Got Factually Right and Wrong

“Air” tells the story of Air Jordan’s creation, but how much of it is factual? For this list, we’ll be looking at plot points from this biographical sports film that authentically captured the rise of Air Jordan and the liberties taken to raise the drama. Our countdown includes Jordan Wanted to Sign with Adidas, Vaccaro Didn’t Meet Jordan Until The Game-Changing Meeting, “Just Do It” Origins, and more! What did you think of “Air?” Let us know in the comments.

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43 Responses to Top 10 Things Air Got Factually Right and Wrong

  1. What did you think of “Air?” Let us know in the comments.

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  2. EAM says:

    Really liked this movie {Connected} coming from playing and watching basketball all my life

  3. Flip Or Drip says:

    There needs to be a follow up with 10 things this video got wrong.

  4. KiddAlways says:

    thanks in part to the 1 point lead Jordan scored? 🤔 who in the office came up with that one?

  5. Sim Won says:

    I'm very surprised that they got anything wrong….I mean it's top level Hollywood legends making the movie, how in the world would they not make sure everything is absolutely accurate? mind boggling…..

  6. V says:

    they’re the devils colours 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Buddy says:

    It’s so sad that Ben and Matt chose to lie? And not tell the true story. I’ll bet the speech scene is fake too.

  8. Xtrem Snkrs says:

    I really Love it, its all start with Mj 🏀

  9. Adolf Dassler was born in 1900 he wasn't part of Hitler Youth he was literally 33 when Hitler came to power. Making more mistakes while correcting mistakes is definitely watchmojo

  10. Story was good enough on its own. No need to mess with the timeliness events, change facts & flat out lie. The shoe didn't debut until the regular season of his rookie year was almost over. The design wasn't complete in time for the first visit to Nike HQ. Anybody can look up the first shoe MJ wore on an NBA court & what it auctioned for.

  11. I enjoyed the movie but I was disappointed that they did not mention Bill Bowerman who actually founded Nike

  12. I think it was so poorly edited and corny. Cool shoes though.

  13. Matt Cody says:

    I absolutely love AIR and being an ex-Nike employee it really hit home for me!! One of the best movies ever!!!!

  14. jumbo papa says:

    Would still love 2 see an old batman movie ben.

  15. Bboy Scam says:

    This movie was 75% BS. Can’t believe you’ve missed all the other stupidity.

  16. whether we or they admit it or not, vacarro and jordan probably hit it off since both are gamblers. HAHAHA

  17. Worst movie I've seen in 12-15 years

  18. The fact is that his Dad was behind his career and not his mum, who just played the support role
    But since there's an agenda and that weirdo Viola is playing the character, you already know the nonsense has to begin

  19. rhsandne71 says:

    “And was ONLY the third pick in the draft” lol wut

  20. average movie. The comedy and drama are really light and obvious. Viola Davis and Affleck stand out.

  21. A says:

    Wow I didn't know Sonny was a professional gambler. That's truly crazy

  22. Number 3 8:55
    So, Jordan was consider that he didn't had the makings of a varsity athlete? O,O

  23. allan nalla says:

    i wish lebron the real goat have this kind of documentaries hahaha

  24. Another mistake, we don't have front plates here in NC. The rental car would not have had a front plate.

  25. John Roland says:

    Air was great!! Loved it

  26. Good movie but not great, excellent, or Oscar worthy. Worth watching strictly for entertainment value. A year from now no one will remember it or care about it but it’s better than most every other movie playing right now.

  27. Faint7 says:

    Jerry Reinsdorf apparently didn’t like the movie because of the things they got wrong

  28. Greg Morris says:

    Loved the movie. Bateman is great.

  29. WW84 was terrible, the writing and concept were really bad but that isn’t Gal Gadot’s fault…I love her as WW.

  30. 66HTown says:

    They got Hakeem's name wrong in the movie. While at the University of Houston and through his early years with the Houston Rockets, he went by Akeem. He changed it to its original spelling of Hakeem in 1991. The draft board in the movie didn't use Akeem. They used Hakeem.

  31. I think Jimmy Butler could accurately portray Michael Jordan if he were cast in the role 😂

  32. LIke how Sonny Vaccaro is actually the guy who ruined basketball…

  33. drasticwillb says:

    Bobby Knight coached him on the '84 Olympics team and said then he was the best basketball player he'd ever seen.

  34. Best movie of 2023 hands down

  35. Kyle W says:

    Awesome movie. Jordan overcame a lot of skeptics, and his mother really did create a new standard of expectations for athletic sponsorship deals.

  36. Matt Kramer says:

    The #3 point they make is why I don’t consider Jordan the GOAT. Jordan came in with some expectations but no one saw what he would become. Where as someone like Bron who since he was 15 was expected to be the next Jordan. That’s pressure. That’s why Bron the GOAT.

  37. JamesM says:

    The movie is a great way to waste 2 more hours of life

  38. it was indeed a good decision not to cast MJ himself because his precense will over power the story away from the Air Jordan brand