TOP 5 Missing Costumes In EPCOT – Disney Dan

After saving Pete, it’s time to start digging into other parks of #DisneyParks to find the missing characters we know would make amazing additions to EPCOT’s many unserviced lands. What #costume characters will we think up to fix Epcot? #DisneyWorld

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50 Responses to TOP 5 Missing Costumes In EPCOT – Disney Dan

  1. Drip doge says:

    Sora was in super smash bros ultimate 🤔🤔

  2. Well actually Dan ortensia the cat is Oswald's wife

  3. Amy Davis says:

    Not sure why there isn’t a figment meet n greet

  4. rayn says:

    We, at the least, need Donald and goof meet and greets at WDW!! Kingdom hearts fans are absolute fanatics (can confirm as I am one). I'd absolutely cry ugly tears if I had the chance to meet them

  5. Owl Fluff says:

    I want the newsies back in California Adventure that was cool as hell give me the trolly car back

  6. M0NSTARZZ says:

    I want something related to twisted wonderland in the parks. I think that would be cool. It doesn't have to be meet and greets but literally anything.

  7. amé says:

    imagine donald casting zettaflare at disneyland

  8. Kaelin King says:

    they should hire you as a concept designer 😂

  9. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Quasimodo from Disney’s Hunchback make a return…

  10. Carsee says:

    We need a part two to this video

  11. Dani says:

    Honestly, there would be one other one that I would suggest because this is pretty solid, but for the life of me I do think they should add Ernesto as a seasonal thing for the Mexico pavilion. Around October and early November they could use him as a performer to both do a small staged meet and greet and also as a point of context to Day Of The Dead like they do with Miguel in DCA.

  12. Meet the Robinsons in Future World!

  13. Sorry for the late reply:

    Hmmm 🤔
    I would say Sora would be great in Japan but having him next to a gummi ship might be better or docked near the Japan pavilion.

    If he was featured in a mini parade with other other characters not featured like you mentioned, I would say play "Dancin' A catchy rhythm" from Disneyland Paris' and you've got a memorable mini parade 😂 (Seriously that song from DLP's parade history will be stuck in your head for days 🤣)

  14. Dan: We need Pete in the parks!

    Disney: puts Pete in the parks Here you are!

    Dan: 😧….😏 I have an idea

  15. We need hercules in epcot near Italy or between morroco and France

  16. Lady Diamond says:

    5:21 once again the contagious laugh 😂

  17. Ming's giant panda form would make an awesome parade float.

  18. We prefer Duffy and Friends, as well as the Muppets.

  19. Italy would be a perfect place for Luca
    And Mexico would be a perfect place for Miguel

  20. Jessica says:

    SORA, KING MICKEY, GOOFY, and DONALD SHOULD BE PERMANT IN EPCOT!! Also, Merlin should be seen regularly! Merin is seen as a guide in mostly all Disney video games and HE'S THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS WIZARD!

  21. i want Simba Nala Pumbaa Zazu Scar and Mufasa

  22. Disney would have to ask Nomura about the prospect of Sora meet and greets outside of Japan.

  23. Red panda better come to Pixar pier. Other wise Pixar pier is not even a thing.

  24. Salamencee says:

    3:46 I genuinely can’t tell if he said artistic or autistic

  25. Hey Dan did you know Pete is going to be available to meet and greet at the reopening of toon town

  26. digifreak90 says:

    Something that I think would make an interesting video would be to talk about the Disney Villain Recruiters from Tokyo DisneyLand/DisneySea's Halloween celebration.

  27. What happened to the Theme park tube website? It was such a cool website!

  28. Dan Yeager says:

    We could even get a few more alice in wonderland characters.

  29. DJ Ethancal says:

    It really would be insane if they DIDN'T bring back Sora at some point. KH3 sold insanely well, and KH4 is looking to have a big part of it in a level that's looking to be based heavily on modern day Japan. All he needs is a new costume look (it's most likely looking to be a face actor looking at the decision for a more realistic art style for the level) and it would be even more marketing for KH4, which it seems Disney isn't opposed to when it comes to Kingdom Hearts games with those big numbers (having the Kingdom Hearts III demo playable at Disney Springs with its own display store was an absolute TREAT)

  30. Wait, you had an idea for a Pixar Robot character to put in EPCOT, and your pick was Sox and not WALL-E?

  31. Petition to bring Duffy and Friends to the US Parks!! ❤️🧸

  32. For face characters, I would love ladybug and cat liar in the Paris pavilion

  33. I would love to see Luca and Alberto representing Italy in Epcot. Definitely agree there.

    As for other parks, hear me out. I know there's already a lot of Alice in Wonderland characters, but I strongly feel we need to bring the Cheshire Cat and the March Hare over from Disneyland Paris to the Magic Kingdom in the US. The Cheshire Cat is obvious; he's probably the most popular character from Alice besides the Mad Hatter, so how hasn't that already happened? As for the March Hare, think about it. He's the Mad Hatter's buddy. They can pair up Alice with the White Rabbit and the Hatter with the Hare and have them swap places when it's time for one pair to take a break. Have Hatter and Hare be the rare alternative to Alice and the Rabbit in Florida since Hatter tends to be more rare there than in California.

  34. Work your magic like you did with Pete!

  35. nah bring back walk aroudnd robots to future world

  36. Pl-l!nEaS says:

    A just really want to see kim possible again in the parks and phineas and ferb more often.

  37. nay.c says:

    If Sora comes to Disneyland than we need the whole dang super smash Bros cast (I know he's not from smash but he was a DLC character in smash so)

  38. William Reed says:

    Ever since Disney bought Fox I’ve had a pipe dream of King of the Hill characters coming to the America pavilion. One day… one day

  39. Can you do Donald Duck please you made one before but it was boring

  40. How about how this Dan please do a costume of evolution of Alvin&thechipmunks

  41. After Mei's debut at the Disney Parks, the only other character I can think of that really needs to make a debut is Sam the otter waitress from Zootopia Plus, she's sweet, adorable and relatable.

  42. Benn3ons says:

    I want to see the parks make rides for some of the Disney channel shows like Gravity Falls, Star Vs, or The Owl House.

  43. Considering the current state of Square Enix….yeah nah, Sora will def not coming back lol

  44. Disney, LISTEN TO THIS GUY, PLEASE! These characters would be awesome to meet in Disney World AND Disneyland!