What if The Super Mario Bros. Movie Characters had Partner Pokemon? (Donkey Kong, Luigi, Lumalee)

Today we discuss what partner pokemon characters in the Super Mario Bros. Movie would have: Donkey Kong, Luigi, Lumalee.
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27 Responses to What if The Super Mario Bros. Movie Characters had Partner Pokemon? (Donkey Kong, Luigi, Lumalee)

  1. Sobble never cries dummy

  2. Mei Mei says:

    scardy fish
    scardy fish

  3. But alakazam doesn't do anything but shake those maracas

  4. Hoodie Guy says:

    For DK, make it primape instead

  5. I feel like Lumalee should have a miniore for obvious reasons

  6. King penguin or one of the penguins would def match up with piplup

  7. FIRENINJA says:

    Bowser with charizard

  8. Haze says:

    U literally forgot mario and bowser

  9. Van Le says:

    Why dose Lumalee look like cleffa

  10. RealEggo says:

    donkey kong IS a pokemon💀

  11. I find it funny how a funny side character has the strongest pokemon

  12. Kilian Xxxx says:

    Ah yes, my favourite Pokeymawn: M E S P I R I T

  13. dblum says:

    People are criticizing Luigi like they wouldn’t be absolutely terrified if they were in his position.

  14. Valter 10001 says:

    What’s an mespeerit

  15. greekbeast says:

    Nah donkey kong and infernape definitely

  16. t1gerstripe says:

    Bowser princess peach and Mario are crying

  17. Lily Mills says:

    What about Mario , Princess Peach and bouser

  18. Tepiggy2 says:

    Lumalee could’ve had Cleffa. That just feels right.

  19. Yusufmaster says:

    Donkey Kong got my favorite Pokémon 😎

  20. I think Luigi would have a more powerful Pokémon to protect him