when the director dabbles in some color theory

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From Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz to Scott Pilgrim, Edgar Wright has directed some fun movies. His use of music, sound, action and editing are second to none. Today, we’ll look at his 2017 film Baby Driver and how Edgar Wright used clever costume design to color code his character.

Edgar Wright THR interview on color coding his characters:

Courtney Hoffman Baby Driver interview on the use of color in costume design:

Edgar Wright DP/30 interview:

Written & Edited by Danny Boyd

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24 Responses to when the director dabbles in some color theory

  1. CinemaStix says:

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  2. Matthew says:

    Lucas oil does not condone sodomy

  3. Mizzix says:

    Also Baby often has white shirt on in his house with a black jacket over it while driving

  4. CheshireCat says:

    Made me think of the classic trope of "good guy wears all white, bad guy wears all black" (or sometimes the opposite, in Asian media). It's a trope for a good reason, it make for great visual impact. Even though it doesn't have to be that stark the characters wearing costumes does make the action clearer. You can see this in video games as well where clear easily readable designs is crucial for the players to be able to tell what's happening at a glance, in order to keep up with the tempo of the game.

  5. JamboRiffs says:

    Its a shame Kevin Spacey killed this movie

  6. Ben Tucker says:

    Oh this is baby driver. Yeah seen it. Terrible movie.

  7. what are the films shown at the end?

  8. That’s technically playing with thematic color, color theory is the additive and subtractive use of colors to make a new color

  9. Veer Maharaj says:

    I mean, we start out with Baby driving red. Behind the wheel, he's the most dangerous one there.

  10. amazing video, thanks 🙂 I never understood why the diner appeared to be ominous in that scene where he tells him to make a stop there 😀 thanks for the explanation

  11. Jeez I'll have to watch the film again.

  12. Nine Dragons says:

    it had color, big deal. shitty movie
    baby driver is a great movie for zillennials who haven't seen any movies yet

  13. Your Fan says:

    When the art director ignores color theory

  14. Mangle says:

    It would be interesting to see a movie where the main character is notably more dark than the rest of the cast, signified by wearing dark colors.

  15. Ash says:

    Fine, I'll watch baby driver again

  16. Without looking too deeply into it, people forget that cinema is simply moving photographs. Photography is visual art, and any excuse to make that picture more beautiful, vibrant, or interesting is not wasted in this medium. The cinematographer is just as important as the director, writer, or any other key player in this collaboration. When it all comes together, you have a masterpiece.

  17. Benjamin Day says:

    anyone know the song at 6 mins in ?

  18. Color coding the fight scenes is great, I saw Every Frame a Painting highlight Jackie Chan doing this, especially in his Hong Kong movies.

  19. David Cashin says:

    It's a comic book carry over. Because drawn characters, with not a lot of exposition, can blend together more than real people, color and fashion are important to identify characters visually. Take a look at the graphic novels that Scott Pilgrim was based on. It is a unique set of books because the characters in black line drawings constantly change their appearnace.

  20. Kent Stark says:

    Yes i Love this Movie…

  21. Justin Eo says:

    I guess you could call it a light motif.

  22. fox fady says:

    I found it boring tbh , it was my first movie in years but it was just annoying and boring which is honestly rare for me to describe

  23. Fock Yutuub says:

    damn, watched the whole video and this video was trash and phoned in af. it literally didnt do any analysis just a few short sentences that the director interview already talked about.

  24. Fock Yutuub says:

    the only problem with this movie is that it's not that good to watch as a casual film goer. it borders to trash.